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Your Ultimate Guide to Different Lamb Cuts from L&L Master Butchers

04 June 2019

With more than 40 combined years of experience in the butchery profession, Luke and Lee of L&L Master Butchers along with their expert staff offer the ultimate quality of free range, premium artisan meat cuts. With these supreme cuts of meat and the expert advice of these award-winning butchers, you will be prepared to create and serve a genuine gourmet feast for your delighted family members, neighbours, and friends.

Celebrated specialties of this top-tier team of butchers are the different superior quality lamb cuts that they offer to their customers. Nowhere else will you find such high caliber, free range, dry-aged, premier cuts of lamb. L&L Butchers truly offers the ultimate quality lamb cuts currently available for the optimal enjoyment of customers from near and far.

Different Premium Quality Lamb Cuts from L&L Master Butchers

As part of your ultimate guide to different premium lamb cuts, the following are top-rated selections that are highly recommended and available from L&L Master Butchers:

• Lamb Saddle Roasts. – A saddle roast of lamb is cut from the loin region in the lumbar area of the animal and consists of the loin on either side of the lamb. You can request it with the bone included or with the bone removed, with the meat rolled into an easy to carve mound. Average cooking time for this cut of lamb is about twelve minutes on medium heat. The roasted meat from this lamb cut is amazingly tender and juicy, and it is delicious when served with roasted vegetables of your choice and garnished with fresh lime and honey.

• Lamb Backstraps. – A lamb backstrap is a lamb loin without the skin. Since it is an extremely tender cut of meat, your lamb backstrap does not need oven cooking. You can either cook it in a cast iron casserole, another heavy pan or a skillet on top of your range. You can also grill it for best results. By rubbing olive oil, a touch of salt, and some garlic into the surface of the meat, you will accentuate its delicious natural textures and flavours. This cut of lamb should only be cooked over medium heat for three minutes before turning it over and letting the meat cook for an additional two minutes.

Although it will still be very rare in the middle at this stage, you can remove the lamb from its cooking pan, place it on a warm plate and cover it lightly with another plate, a bowl or with foil wrap for five minutes. At this point, your flavourful lamb backstrap will be medium rare and ready to serve. If you prefer your lamb cooked to the medium-done stage, simply increase the cooking time to your liking. This lamb cut is delicious when served with grilled or broiled fresh vegetables or a fresh garden salad.

• Legs of Lamb. –
A leg of lamb can be purchased with or without the bone for roasting according to your personal preferences and tastes. However, boneless leg of premium lamb is considered a delicacy when simply, but expertly prepared. Try seasoning your lamb meat with lemon juice, rosemary, mustard, and garlic. Average cooking time is about one hour and ten minutes, and you can baste the meat periodically as it roasts to enhance its natural tenderness and flavour.

Some home chefs prefer to buy a boneless lamb leg and to roll and tie it themselves, just before roasting. This method is fun to experiment with since it allows you to season both the inside and outside of the rolled meat. If you prefer to use other herbs like oregano, thyme or dill rather than rosemary, add the seasonings of your choice. Your delicious and aromatic roast leg of lamb will be irresistible when served with lightly roasted small potatoes and asparagus or broccoli with citrus or mustard vinaigrette.

When you consult the artisan meat experts at L&L Master Butchers located in Bentleigh, Victoria, and serving all of Melbourne and surrounding areas, you will receive the very best advice, cuts of lamb and cooking recommendations currently available. Using their extensive experience and expertise, our master butchers will guide you to selecting the ideal cut of artisan, free-range lamb to amaze and delight everyone at your dinner table.

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