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Your Ultimate Guide to Australia’s Premium Steak Options from L&L Butchers

13 October 2021

By definition, steak is “a slice of meat cut from the fleshy piece of a hamburger carcass.” While there are pork chops that cook like steaks and even veggies that can be sliced into “steaks,” we’re solely focusing on beef steak for this post. Meat steaks are generally cut across the muscle fibre of a large section of a hamburger and could include a bone. Most steaks come from three prime areas on a cow.

Relative to the size of the steer, these premium cuts are only a small rate, which adds to their premium prices. Since they’re expensive, it’s worth realising how everyone is unique so you purchase the one that you like the best! Do you like large bulky flavour, or is the most tender cut your top pick? Here’s your ultimate guide to Australia’s premium steak options from L&L Butchers.


Filet came from the short loin and sirloin, under the ribs. A whole tenderloin starts wide and afterwards tapers at the opposite end (the “tail”). Filet mignon comes from the smaller end, while Châteaubriand comes from the thicker end. When managed of silver skin, gristle, and fat, tenderloin is small and conservative. The meat is lean and extremely fine-grained on the surface. Because of its smaller shape, tenderloin steaks are cut thicker than most steaks. The tenderest of all the steaks and the lean, filet is rich and mild in flavour.


The tenderloin piece must be 1.25″ wide to be classified as a porterhouse and only .5″ wide to be classified as a T-bone. A T-shaped bone with meat on the two sides of the longer piece of the bone. Porterhouses are like getting two steaks for one — one side is a piece of the rich tenderloin.

Because there are two various types of steak in one cut, you must be careful when cooking since the tenderloin will cook more quickly than the strip side. Attempt to keep the tenderloin further away from the warmth source: use a two-level fire when grilling or position it away from the warming element if broiling.

Premium Steak Options from L&L Butchers

Black Onyx: Black Onyx hamburger has a marbling score of 3 and higher. This impressive hamburger is the result of close partnerships with unadulterated Black Angus breeders to ensure all Black Onyx cattle display exceptional marbling when long took care of with our specialised veggie-lover grain apportion.

Cape Grim: Raised on rich pastures with nothing else added, Cape Grim Beef is hand-selected and rigorously evaluated, remunerating you with unadulterated meat flavour – made essentially.

Jack’s Creek: Jack’s Creek is a leading organisation in Australian premium hamburger creation and consecutive champ of the ‘World’s Best Steak Producer in 2015 and 2016, as well as the World’s Best Fillet Steak in 2017. Our operations include processing Wagyu and Black Angus cattle and promoting top-notch grain-took care of meat products. We are pleased to furnish every single customer with our meat ensure: delicate and succulent hamburger, full of flavour with each nibble.

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