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What Makes Habbies Howe Beef from L&L Butchers the Ideal Source for the Best Beef Cuts?

08 July 2021

L&L Butchers takes pride in sourcing all  produce from local farms with the highest ethical standards across Victoria. We stick to grass fed, free range and hormone free livestock, as this is the healthiest option for both the customer and the environment. With over 40 years of combined experience, co-owners Luke and Lee have built relationships with suppliers across Victoria, ensuring that our ethical butchering practices are upheld throughout the entire chain.

What Makes Habbies Howe Beef from L&L Butchers the Ideal Source for the Best Beef Cuts? 

L&L Butchers source their beef cuts from Habbies Howe. Situated at the southern end of the Strathbogie Ranges in the Victorian Highlands, Habbies Howe is unique. Fresh spring water, stable climate and the best Australian Angus breeding allows them to present quiet, low stressed, grass fed, healthy cattle. Free of hormone growth promotants ensuring high quality, tender and tasty beef. We have also partnered with Cape Grim Angus Beef and Rosedale Ruby Red Angus Beef, to provide the best in low and slow beef cuts.

About Habbies Howe Beef

Habbies Howe Beef is firmly committed to producing, healthy, and nutritious beef. We acquire our produce simply, ethically and humanely in a sustainable environment.

Environment: We are favoured with fertile soils, fresh clean water and a stable environment. All our stock are born, bred and grown in Highlands Victoria. You can buy our fully traceable beef with confidence. We have taken great care to encourage the natural and sustainable environment with the careful management of creeks, remnant bush, introduced and native pastures. We have self managed supply lines to ensure the utmost care is taken by PrimeSafe registered facilities and butchers.

Certifications: The commercial Angus herd has been a member of Team Te Mania since 2001. Te Mania is one of the leading Angus studs in Australia. We have been Certified Australian Angus Beef since 2000. We are EU certified. No hormonal growth promotants have ever been used.

Herd Care: All animals are grass fed, extensively grazed and are only supplemented with hay or silage sourced from the property. We have all attended Low Stress Stock handling courses and treat our cattle with the respect and care they deserve.

Ageing and Storage: We rely heavily and trust in the experience of our butchers to optimise the hanging process (dry ageing) of the primal cuts to provide the best possible eating experience.

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