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Wagyu Beef and Angus Beef: What are their Differences?

13 November 2018

Now that many restaurants are identifying the type of beef they are serving on the menu as either Wagyu or Angus, many people have become curious about the differences in these two kinds of beef. Quality cuts of both of these types of beef are very tender and flavourful. Unless you have enjoyed a great number of meals prepared with both these beef varieties, you may not be able to distinguish one from the other by taste.

However, everyone knows tender and flavourful beef from tough and bland, so you truly cannot go wrong with a high grade cut of either beef type. Marbling, which is visible patterning of intramuscular fat in any uncooked cut of beef, is common to high grade cuts of both Wagyu and Angus beef.

Major Differences Between Angus and Wagyu Beef

Primary differences between Wagyu and Angus cattle and the cuts of beef produced from these herds include following:

  • Wagyu Beef. – Wagyu beef cattle originated in Japan and the name includes a number of varied cattle breeds. “Wa” translates as “Japanese,” and “gyu” means “beef.” The meat from Wagyu beef cattle has a great amount of marbling, which places it in the highest grade of beef and makes it generally more costly than beef with less marbling. Highest quality Wagyu beef is considered a luxury food item.

Currently, there are very good quality sub-breeds of Wagyu herds being raised in Australia, with the resulting cuts of beef being served in restaurants across the country. Beef from these Australian-bred Wagyu cattle is of both fullblood quality (from 100 percent pure Wagyu cattle) and crossbred quality (from cattle that are 75 to 87 percent pure Wagyu).

  • Angus Beef. – Cuts of Angus beef are from the cattle breed named Aberdeen Angus, which originated in Scotland. In order to thrive during the harsh winter weather in Scotland, these cattle had to be a sturdy breed, which made them active and muscular. Due to their strong muscles, the meat from Angus cattle was (and still is) high in degrees of marbling, or high grade beef.

However, Meat Standards Australia (the MSA) sets the grade of all cuts of beef before they can be placed on the market for sale today, and many factors may contribute to the tenderness and flavour of beef. One factor is the type of grazing grass and feed the cattle were raised on. There are currently Angus herds in every state of Australia.

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