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Treat Your Mother with a Premium Cut of Meat from Melbourne’s Best L&L Master Butchers

07 May 2018

For a delicious and memorable surprise, treat your mother to a Mother’s Day feast centered on a premium cut of meat from Melbourne’s top-tier L&L Master Butchers. This fine quality butchery, owned and operated by Luke and Lee, with more than 40 years of combined professional butchery experience, offers the very best free range premium meat cuts. Their meats are all dry-aged, tender, moist and flavourful and have won praise and acclaim from many gourmet meat experts and celebrated chefs along with many appreciative home chefs.

Everyone welcomes a superior cut of meat that is easy to prepare and needs no tenderizing before roasting, broiling or baking. What a wonderful way to honour your mother and the countless ways in which she has kept you happy, healthy, thoughtful and generous since you were a small child, and be sure to include Granny, too. After all, your grandmother did the same for Mum (Mom or Mamma), so she deserves to be celebrated just as much.

Treat Your Mother to Her Favourite Premium Cut of Meat from L&L Butchers on Mother’s Day

Your mother (and grandmother) will be delighted with the special treat of a premium cut of meat from L&L Master Butchers on Mother’s Day this year. There are various types of meats and prime cuts to choose from, including the following:

• Lamb Saddle Roasts.
– A juicy saddle roast from the lamb loin area of the lumbar region is delicious with or without the bone removed. This roast may be bought as a rolled and easily carved joint. This saddle, or rack of lamb, when deboned, also can be easily rolled into a roast in your home kitchen and tied with multiple rounds of kitchen string. After preheating your oven to 180 degrees C (350 degrees F), season the saddle with tarragon, thyme, parsley and garlic or other seasonings of your choice. Brush the saddle with heated olive oil before roasting this supreme cut of meat for 40 minutes. Then serve with your favorite roasted vegetables and tarte mint or cranberry sauce.

• Scotch Fillet Steaks. – Scotch fillets, or rib-eye cuts of steak, come from beneath the ribs of young cattle. When attached to the ribs, this fine meat forms a standing rib roast. However, when detached and sold without the rib bones, this versatile cut of beef can be broiled, grilled or sautéed to perfection. Scotch fillet steaks are very flavourful and tender, so they never need to be marinated before cooking begins. Prepared plain or with your favorite combination of seasonings, this specialized cut of beef is always sure to be the winning entrée for any holiday celebration. Serve with a fresh garden salad, fresh baked bread and garnishes of your selection for a fabulous meal.

• Lamb Backstraps. – This popular cut of lamb is from the animal’s back near the spine and cut from the mid-loin. Free of bone, gristle and fat, backstrap is known for being deliciously meaty, lean and filling. You can start preparations by browning the lamb in olive oil on your stovetop for two or three minutes along with almonds or other nuts and your choice of fresh vegetables. Then roast the lamb backstraps in a preheated oven for about ten minutes. Removing the pan from your oven, baste the meat, vegetables and nuts with juice from the bottom of the pan, return your meal to the oven and roast for another 10 to 12 minutes or until the lamb is done to your taste. Serve to Mum and your other guests for an unforgettable gourmet treat.

By purchasing your premium cuts of meat from Melbourne’s expert butchery, L&L Master Butchers, for your Mother’s Day celebration this year, you will be prepared to serve your lovely mother a delightful and delicious gourmet meal beyond compare. With this ultimate quality treat, you, your mother and all of your family and guests can join together in celebrating all that Mum has done for you since you were just a baby.

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