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Tips for Buying Lamb Chops and Lamb Steaks

27 August 2018

Lamb chops and steaks are two of the alternatives to a leg of lamb, which may be more meat than your family requires for a meal. Also, they cook a bit faster and easier than the leg does. However, the success of your cooking efforts depends upon more things than just the recipe that you use for these cuts of lamb. You must first know how to purchase quality lamb chops and lamb steaks, and this is why we offer you the following tips on how to receive the right ones for your needs to ensure freshness and other favourable characteristics.

Buy from a Local Butcher

Purchase lamb from a local butcher shop. It will know the best local lamb producer to rely on for its stock of lamb. Freshness is a guarantee when you remember this tip. Also, a local butcher can custom cut your chops and steaks to suit your preferences and needs.

The Colour of Fresh Lamb

Fresh lamb steaks and chops range in colour from soft pink to red. While lamb can turn brown due to oxygen exposure, it does not necessarily mean that it is going bad. However, if the lamb is grey, this is a sign that it is past its best-buy date. Soft pink to red always signifies freshness, a hint of brown means oxidation and gray means old meat.

Lamb Chops and Lamb Steaks Should Not Be Slimy

When you feel lamb, it should not be slimy. If you take your finger and scrape it over the lamb, there should not be residue. In fact, it should be a bit dry to the touch.

Lamb Steaks and Chops Need the Right Amount of Marbling

To ensure that the lamb chops and steaks are tender and flavourful, they should contain just the right amount of marbling. Along with this fact, there should be just a bit of fat around the edges.

Fresh Lamb Should Not Have a Strong Odour

Lamb should never have a strong odour, as this is a sign that it is going bad. While it will smell like lamb when it is fresh, an overly pungent smell means you need to buy a different cut of lamb or change butcher shops.

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