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The Importance of Online Delivery and Zip Code Scheduling for Fresh and Frozen Meat

25 June 2021

Quality is the priority in selecting ingredients for a home-cooked meal. Nothing screams love and affection than providing the best of the best for the people you will be serving a hearty meal with. However, quality often comes with a price. Lucky for you, L&L Master Butchers offers high quality meats that you can order online.

L&L Master Butchers have their online store. Featuring contact-free, COVID-Safe delivery, L&L Master Butchers are allowing you to do your shopping from home. This keeps not only you and the community safe, but also saves you time.

L&L Master Butchers have made their name as the premier Artisan butcher of the Bayside Melbourne area, winning gold medals in State and National Butchery competitions. Not only do we feature exclusively free-range, hormone free meat, we also make 100% of our products in store, including award-winning sausages, bacon, ham and pies!

Online Delivery and Zip Code Scheduling for Fresh and Frozen Meat

We at L&L Butchers have also adjusted our delivery schedule for each day. We only offer deliveries during Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

  • Monday Only Deliveries run to the following post codes: 3111, 3109, 3108, 3106, 3107, 3105, 3084, 3081, 3072, 3071, 3070, 3078, 3079.
  • Meanwhile, Wednesday Only Deliveries run to the following postcodes: 3910, 3199, 3200, 3197, 3911, 3930, 3198, 3201.
  • Lastly, Thursday Only Deliveries runs with the following post codes: 3803, 3976, 3975, 3199, 3177, 3802, 3805, 3804, 3178, 3153, 3156, 3132, 3133, 3152, 3179, 3180, 3155, 3135.

These zones are subjected to a $15 delivery fee for under $120 spent and free delivery for over $120 spent.

Food is delivered from various perspectives. Larger associations have grocery stores that produce food and afterwards send it out to other locations utilising trucks, suppliers deliver large measures of food to numerous cafés all day, and numerous eateries deliver meals right to customers’ doorsteps. In every one of these cases, the deliverer should be finding a way to ensure the food is delivered safely.

Our objective at L&L Master Butchers is to deliver quality assurance to our customers, so that they can have unwavering confidence in our tender, flavoursome and fresh meat every time they shop. When cooking meals for your loved ones, you deserve a peace of mind that you are using the best product available. We love being able to play a small part in this, and bring people together through good food.

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