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The Best Award-Winning Christmas Hams in Melbourne: Available to Order Online at L&L Master Butchers

07 December 2020

The holiday season is fast approaching and you know what that means. In many households across Australia, a delicious Christmas ham is one of the culinary delights of the season. When ham is properly cured and ready for customers to purchase and prepare for a holiday meal, you can be sure that it will be thoroughly enjoyed by family, friends and everyone in your household. Whether you serve your prize ham with candied yams, green vegetables and your favourite condiments or other food of your choice, the ham will be the star of your flavourful meal.

With that said, make the star of your flavourful meal more special by ordering the best award winning Christmas hams in Melbourne from L&L Master Butchers.

The Best Award-Winning Christmas Hams in Melbourne

Our unequaled Christmas hams were given highest accolades when reviewed by The Herald Sun last year. When you stop by to claim your delicious, flavourful and juicy boneless leg ham ready for honey glazing or adorning with fresh fruits for roasting or baking, you will be looking forward to a fantastic meal to enjoy with all who are fortunate to gather around your festive table of amazing delicacies and delights. They are hand crafted and cured in store and are made using 100% Australian Pork. We have also been awarded with GOLD medals at the 2018 Australian Meat Industry Council’s Annual Awards Dinner.

You may like to dress your ham with cherries and pineapple or apples, cloves and brown sugar, or you may like it free of any extra flavours or decorations. One thing to be certain of is that when your select your ham at L&L Master Butchers serving the entire Melbourne area and surrounding regions, you will be serving the very best top-tier ham currently available for the ultimate gourmet feast.

Order Online from L&L Master Butchers for a Celebrated Holiday Ham for This Christmas

The experts in L&L Master Butchers encourage you to order online to take part in the holiday festivities. Catch some holiday cheer while selecting all your holiday meats and fabulous rubs, condiments and treats for a hearty celebration of the season. If you need more advice when starting to prepare your Christmas menus, be sure to contact our friendly, expert team of butchers. Our expert butchers are known for their knowledge, skill and experience and their abilities to bring the art and practice of butchery into the 21st century with heights of style, excellence and gourmet flair.


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