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Standing Beef Rib Roast: A Knockout Dish for Entertaining Guests

23 April 2019

A fragrant and flavourful standing beef rib roast is a sure knockout dish for entertaining holiday guests during any season of the year. It is also a favourite entrée for weekend gatherings of family and friends. This meal is frequently requested at elegant resorts and casual sports clubs, and many restaurants list it as the most popular entry on their dinner menus. Easy to embellish with fruit and herbal garnishes, this outstanding rib roast is often served with roasted potatoes, carrots and onions along with a fresh vegetable or fruit and nut salad.

Why Standing Beef Rib Roast is a Faithful Knockout Dish for Entertaining Family and Guests

When you prepare and serve a delicious beef rib roast for your next weekend or holiday meal for family and guests, it is sure to get rave reviews from everyone at your table for the following reasons:

• Ultimate Flavour. – A top-rated, artisan quality standing beef rib roast offers excellent flavour due to its even marbling and concentrations of lean meat surrounded by small areas of fat. While the fat keeps the lean meat supple and flavourful, it never interferes with the lean meat’s pure, natural taste. Especially when the roast is from free-range beef cattle, the savory flavour of each rib is unmistakably pure and unaltered.

• Amazing Tenderness. – An artisan quality standing beef rib roast has astounding tenderness. There is never a hint of dryness or tough areas in this outstanding meal of top-rated beef. Each rib will roast evenly, to perfection, with equalised browning on the outside and ultimate plumpness and tenderness throughout the interior. With basic roasting skills, any home chef can produce a star-rated meal from this superior beef rib roast.

• Full-Bodied Texture and Juiciness. – Your top quality standing beef rib roast will offer full-bodied, fine texture and juiciness. The moist, tender meat will virtually melt in your mouth, and all of your dinner guests will sing its praises while enjoying their delicious meal. Even when served later as left-overs, this amazing beef rib roast will retain its original refined texture and ultimate juiciness.

When you visit L&L Master Butchers located in Bentleigh, Victoria, and serving all of Melbourne and surrounding regions, you can select a superb standing beef rib roast to serve at your next dinner for family, neighbors or other guests. Our expert butchers will guide you in choosing the ideal size of roast to serve. These artisan meats experts understand the hesitancy that many home chefs experience at the thought of preparing this dish for the first time. Our friendly butchers will offer excellent advice on preparing and serving your top-rated gourmet treat to delight everyone at your dinner table.

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