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St. Bernard’s Free Range Pork: Perfect Mouthwatering Pork Chops to Welcome the Autumn Season

11 March 2019

For the finest mouthwatering pork chops boiled, roasted, pan fried or grilled to perfection, visit L&L Butchers today and choose St. Bernard’s free range pork to welcome and celebrate the autumn season this year. St. Bernard’s is Australia’s ultimate premium quality free-range pork. It is produced by highly experienced farmers in the Riverina and the Northern Grampians regions by knowledgeable farmers who rely on their instincts as well when nurturing their excellent pig herds.

The name of St. Bernard’s came from the name of the original farmhouse, which is still standing today on one of the main properties in this area. All cuts of St. Bernard’s pork are Certified Free-Range, completely satisfying the Australian pork industry’s strict quality assurance standards and regulations. Meeting this standard requires 147 separate performance checks made by independent auditors. Customers can be assured that the St. Bernard methods of farming pork meet the very highest standards for the animals, farmland, farming methods and farmers.

Excellent Qualities of St. Bernard’s Free Range Pork Offered by L&L Butchers

The ultimate fine qualities offered by pork chops purchased from the artisan meats experts of L&L Butchers today include the following:

• Optimal Degrees of Tenderness.
– These fine St. Bernard pork chops offer the greatest degrees of tenderness of any pork now available on the meats market. Whether they are grilled, broiled, roasted or pan fried, these excellent cuts of pork retain their highest levels of tenderness for the ultimate dining experience. When you serve these top-grade pork chops to your family, neighbors and other guests, the other meal ingredients will have little significance. Even if you serve these outstanding chops by themselves, everyone at your table will praise this amazing feast ever-after.

• Irresistible Fine Flavour and Texture.
– Both the pure, rich flavour and the fine, supple texture of these irresistible pork chops will astonish everyone who tastes them. Because they are raised on only the purest, free range grasslands, the pigs from which these delicious cuts of pork are produced offer the most flavourful chops obtainable anywhere. Their rich, supple texture is also nurtured as they feed and grow on the healthy purity of free range grasses owned and managed by excellent, highly knowledgeable and dedicated farmers. You can always count on these state-of-the-art pork chops for creating the finest quality cuisine imaginable.

• Lean and Juicy Chops.
– This top-tier pork chops from St. Bernard’s are always amazingly lean and juicy, regardless of the cooking and preparation methods that you use. Because of their completely excellent quality, these chops retain their full, enriched natural fragrance, flavour, texture, tenderness and juiciness from the time of purchase to the moment you serve them to your table of eager diners. When you choose the rare excellence of St. Bernard’s port chops, you are guaranteed of an unforgettable meal of the finest caliber ever.

When you visit the expert, highly knowledgeable, experienced and friendly team of L&L Master Butchers located in Bentleigh, Victoria and serving all of Melbourne,  you can purchase the very finest pork chops currently available anywhere—St. Bernard’s irresistible certified free-range pork chops. Our excellent butchers will assist you in choosing these ultimate quality cuts of pork for the most irresistibly delicious meal of your dreams.

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