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Saltbush Lamb Rack: What Makes This Meat Ideal for Roasting?

14 February 2019

Saltbush lamb is from young lambs that graze on the unique Saltbush pastures in the Australian outback, eating the berries and leaves of Saltbush shrubs. Meat from these lambs is said to be especially fresh tasting and flavourful due to the clear, natural, healthy environment in which this plant grows.

This robust, naturally enriched flavour can complement and enhance dynamic blends of spices while retaining its own unique, savoury taste. The juicy flesh of Saltbush berries and the plant leaves have a tart, cranberry-like yet salty and grassy flavour that is attractive to both ranch herds and wild animals, and this distinct flavour influences the table-served deliciousness of roasted Saltbush lamb.

Qualities that Make Saltbush Lamb Rack Ideal for Roasting

Qualities that make Saltbush lamb rack ideal for slow-roasting include the following:

• Naturally Juicy and Tender Meat.
– Saltbush lamb is exceptionally tender and juicy with enhanced flavours of its own. Whether you choose square cut shoulders, legs or shoulder racks for preparing your irresistible Saltbush lamb feast, slow and simple roasting will render the very best, outstanding texture and unequaled taste. Especially when you follow the highly recommended recipe for 7-hour roasting, none else will come near to comparing with the true perfection of your fantastic lamb roast.

• Unique, Robust Natural Flavour.
– Saltbush lamb is often said to be seasoned on the hoof and offers a unique, fresh and clean taste. Its flavour is an unusual combination of robust tastes and delicate nuances, which is attributed to the animals constantly grazing on Australian Saltbush plants and berries in healthy, natural pastureland of the outback. This unique mixture of outstanding and delicate flavours makes this meat perfect for slow roasting with only a few simple seasonings added. The Saltbush shrub and its berries are high in mineral content and are also known as “cattle spinach” and one of the healthiest and most tasty natural foraging plants in Australia.

• Simple Cooking for Perfection.
– Since this special variety of lamb has its own distinctive gourmet flavour, ultra-tender texture and outstanding juiciness, simple, slow roasting is the ideal way to prepare it. By just browning lamb rack in olive oil and then slow-roasting it (preferably, for seven hours), and adding garlic, bay leaves, rosemary, dried lemon myrtle and a cup of dry white wine, you, your household and guests can be assured of enjoying a fabulous lamb feast beyond compare.

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