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Ribs and Rubs: Choosing the Best Rib Quality for Summer BBQ

31 January 2019

When planning your summer barbeques and informal gatherings with family, friends and neighbors, you want to choose the very best beef or pork rib quality to be paired with outstanding, flavourful BBQ rub recipes. If you select grass fed, free range and hormone free ribs from your expert butcher shop, you will be preparing and serving the ultimate quality, healthy, tender and tasty ribs currently available.

Whether you choose beef or pork ribs, or both, for your festive outdoor feast is entirely your decision. So long as you are careful to choose top quality meat, you are sure to charm everyone who is fortunate to enjoy your delicious and delightful summertime BBQ.

Serving the Best Quality Ribs and Creative Rubs for Your Summer BBQ

When deciding what type of irresistible, healthy ribs and enhancing rubs to serve to your guests at your summer BBQ celebrations this year, ask your expert butcher for advice about preparing the following rib varieties:

• Wagyu Beef Back Ribs. – Beef back ribs are cut from the backs of beef cattle, from the point at which the rib joins the spine once the loin has been removed. Wagyu beef back ribs are highly desirable and Wagyu beef cattle are raised on specialised Australian cattle farms today. Wagyu, which translates as “Japanese cow,” refers to breeds of cattle that were developed over multiple centuries in Japan. Famous for its distinctive marbling and excellent flavour, tenderness and texture, Wagyu beef is considered the ultimate fine choice for all cuts of beef, including ribs for premium purity and quality.

• Wagyu Short Ribs. – These short ribs of beef are cut from the forequarter of beef cattle and are generously marbled. In general, short Wagyu ribs need fairly long cooking time on your BBQ grill, yielding approximately one serving per pound.

• Pork Loin Back Ribs (Baby Back Ribs). – As with beef back ribs, pork back ribs are cut from pigs’ backs, at the point where the rib and the spine meet after removal of the loin. Baby back ribs are the upper ribs and gained their name because they are shorter than the larger spareribs. These pork loin back ribs (baby backs) are especially tender and lean, and they are usually more expensive than spareribs due to their high demand among consumers.

• Spareribs (Breastbone-Off Pork Spareribs).
– These meaty ribs are cut from the pig’s belly once the belly has been removed. Often, the hard breastbone and cartilage are cut from these ribs, giving the meat a longer, more rectangular form. Flatter than baby back ribs are, spareribs brown more rapidly and easily on the grill. Their high fat content adds flavour and juiciness to these larger ribs, and each slab of ribs can feed around three or four people. Spareribs also need low temperature, slow grilling to reach perfection.

There are many recipes for delicious rubs that pair very well with both beef and pork ribs of all types. For example, an all-purpose Dry Rub can be made by combining cumin, garlic powder, oregano, onion powder, chili powder, salt, paprika and brown sugar. This irresistible rub will give all types of ribs a warm, enticing flavour that ideally balances the ultimate degrees of sweet and savoury. More adventurous home chefs may choose to serve an amazing, rich Chili Chocolate Rub that contains chocolate, chili and whatever else your creative palate may desire.

When you visit L&L Master Butchers located in Bentleigh, Victoria and serving all of Melbourne and surrounding regions, you will receive a friendly welcome, premium quality artisan cuts of meats and excellent advice for barbequing your favorite beef or pork ribs for your summertime BBQ. These expert butchers can also recommend ideal rubs for you to pair with your BBQ ribs, including their featured Four Monkeys BBQ Rubs by Daniel Barrett for Pork. This brand of rub is fabulous on ribs and on other cuts of meats as well.

You can contact our team of top-tier, highly experienced and friendly L&L Master Butchers today by phone, by email or on the company website at llbutchers.com.au for additional information and advice to make your summer BBQ a well-enjoyed and highly celebrated success.

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