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Ready to Cook Rolled Porchetta Now Available at L&L Master Butchers

26 November 2020

Porchetta is a flavourfully moist, boneless, fatty pork broil marinated with a lot of garlic, salt, pepper, and a mix of fragrant spices (e.g., rosemary), and at times fennel. It tends to be served hot, yet you regularly observe it cold cut up for sandwiches. You might be more acquainted with the flavour profile of porchetta by means of “Italian dish pork” sandwiches.

The Italian rendition of pork cook, loaded down with garlic and spices and liberally salted, is completely superb. Simply, porchetta is a huge boneless suckling pig which is rolled with garlic and fennel (regularly with rosemary and different spices, or even mince and sweetbreads in certain spots) and afterward simmered in a wood terminated broiler. While not many of us have wooden stoves at home, endeavouring to broil an entire boneless suckling pig at home is somewhat overwhelming,

Lucky for you, L&L Master Butchers has rolled porchetta using all fresh herbs and the finest free-range pork from St. Bernards Free Range. It is perfect for the spit rotisserie or roast in the oven. It is super juicy and full of fresh fragrance. St. Bernard’s is Australia’s finest free range pork. Produced by experienced farmers using knowledge and instinct, St. Bernard’s is for pork lovers looking for great tasting, top quality, free range pork.

Free-range pork that meets the L&L standard of ethical free-range, hormone free farming and tender, superlative taste is very difficult to find. This is why we are so happy to stock the ‘St Bernard’s Free Range Pork’. Based in the Northern Grampians, the standards that this farm sets means that they are the benchmark for animal and farmer welfare in Victoria.

Our objective at L&L Master Butchers is to deliver quality assurance to our customers, so that they can have unwavering confidence in our tender, flavoursome and fresh meat every time they shop. When cooking meals for your loved ones, you deserve a peace of mind that you are using the best product available. We love being able to play a small part in this, and bring people together through good food.

We source all our produce from local farms with the highest ethical standards across Victoria. We stick to grass fed, free range and hormone free livestock, as this is the healthiest option for both the customer and the environment. With over 40 years of combined experience, co-owners Luke and Lee have built relationships with suppliers across Victoria, ensuring that our ethical butchering practices are upheld throughout the entire chain.

All our products are made in store by our tireless young team, with Luke and Lee providing guidance and instruction to ensure perfection across our entire range. The meat at L&L arrives in carcass form, and is dry aged in the cool room to enhance flavour and tenderness. Alongside premium cuts of fresh meat are our house smoked smallgoods such as award-winning ham and bacon, as well as oven-ready products including 4 types of pies, pastry pinwheels and lasagne. The knowledge we have acquired from leading professional chefs is priceless, and we are able to use our experience in the food industry to create tasty, homemade products.

L&L Master Butchers are bringing Butchery into the 21st Century. Things have always been done the same, however we are innovating, and doing things a little bit differently. Come to 452 Centre Road, Bentleigh, and see why we are the modern meat specialists


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