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Raw Unprocessed and Raw Organic Honey Available at L&L Master Butchers Melbourne

13 September 2018

Concerned beekeepers in Australia are working together to bring bees back to Melbourne and its suburbs. Due to the collapse of a large part of the global honeybee population in 2007 (Colony Collapse Disorder) along with the Asian Bee threat and the rise of the Varroa Mite in Australia, the national and worldwide food supply chain was seriously challenged. Because honeybees play an essential role in our ecosystems, concerned Australians joined a global effort the save the honeybee from these and other threats. Environmentalists everywhere and the general population knew that bees are vital to the pollination of agricultural crops and natural plants that are needed to produce the healthy fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds that we all eat regularly.

Savvy environmentalists and eco-friendly residents of Melbourne and other cities across Australia and around the world initiated a concerted effort to bring bees and honey back to cities and suburbs. Although it may seem strange, bees can survive and thrive quite well in urban areas because of the wide variety of flora that grows in city environments.

For example, in Paris, France, where the honey that was produced was examined, it was found to contain over 250 different types of pollen, while the honey produced in the surrounding countryside contained only 15 to 20 different pollen varieties. Both raw unprocessed and raw organic honey can be produced on rooftops and protected areas of building exteriors in busy cities for sale and use as well as in courtyards and separate, designated sections of parks and communal grounds.

Healthy and Flavourful Raw Unprocessed and Raw Organic Honey from L&L Master Butchers Melbourne

At L&L Master Butchers serving all of Melbourne and surrounding areas, you can choose between raw unprocessed and raw organic honey, according to your own personal preferences and needs and to satisfy and delight everyone in your household. Helpful facts about each type of nutrient-rich, natural honey include the following:

• Raw Unprocessed Honey. – This natural, healthy honey is 100 percent natural raw honey, with no heat treatments or additives to alter is purity and nutritional value. Straight from the hive, this honey may start to granulate within a few months’ time. However, this is a naturally occurring process. If you prefer the smoother, thinner consistency, simply put your honey jar or pot in warm water (at a temperature of 45 degrees or below) so it can return to a more liquid form.

Bees normally travel a distance of 2 to 5 kilometres from their hive to gather nectar and pollen. Currently, there are numerous beehives scattered throughout the city of Melbourne and all surrounding regions. The honey produced is often labelled with the street location of the home hive, and you can frequently purchase honey by the street location of its producing hive.

• Raw Organic Honey. – This pure, raw honey is produced in beehives located in quiet, beautiful eucalyptus woodlands. Since these bees can fly as far as 5 kilometres away from their hive homes, it is essential that they not be able to come in contact with crops, orchards or other plant life that has been fertilized with commercial fertilizers or treated with pesticides. This pure, organic honey is not heated to avoid denaturing important natural enzymes the honey contains.

However, this cold honey may begin to change to the consistency of candy during cool or cold seasons. If this occurs, simply place your honey jar in hot or warm water and stir briefly to return it to its former smooth form. This 100 percent raw organic honey contains pollens and propolis that are highly nutritious when eaten. This raw, organic honey is available in many varied flavours according to the kinds of trees and other plants the bees visited to collect nectar and pollen for generating the honey.

When you visit L&L Master Butchers located in Bentleigh, Victoria and serving the entire city of Melbourne and surrounding areas, you can purchase your choice of delicious and health-enhancing raw unprocessed or raw organic honey. Our amazingly nutritious, pure and flavourful honey, straight from the beehive, is extremely beneficial as a pure, healthy food and will embellish, enliven and enhance any food items or recipes that you may choose to add it to as a highly beneficial and delicious ingredient. Our innovative modern butchery is bringing excellent cuts of meat and many other foods, such as this top-tier raw unprocessed and raw organic honey into the public marketplace, promoting these outstanding, highly nutritional foods for the betterment of everyone living in the Melbourne area and many miles beyond.

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