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Plan your Christmas Feast with the Best Meat Cuts from L&L Master Butchers Australia

15 December 2020

A large portion of us won’t celebrate Christmas 2020 in the bar or going to parties or the panto, so food could be to a greater extent a highlight than at any other time. Regardless of how enormous or small your gathering, here are how to plan your meals and settle on a spending plan

With a fixed list of people to attend it very well may be less expensive to purchase a crate of all you require for the headliner rather than fixings. It is also acceptable to organize your spending and go less expensive where you can – if mince pies aren’t your thing, try not to. The commencement has started and things are beginning to feel merry.

The highest point of our happy plan for the day? Choosing what to cook on an enormous day. Thus, whether it is a fledgling, lamb, chicken or ham you choose to broil this year, we have you covered. With regards to strong mains, here’s our selection of the best meat for Christmas day.


Ask any foodie what their Christmas meal can’t do without and ham is all the time the appropriate response. Why? Well, past its tacky deliciousness, you can set up your gammon a couple of days ahead of time, which leaves less complain upon the arrival of your Christmas feast and more opportunity to kick back with your visitors. Here’s our happy ham and we figure it’s truly outstanding.


Not in the state of mind for a winged animal this year? Attempt this lamb formula with a bit of North African deliciousness. You can get this one ready on the braai or pop it in the stove, whichever tickles your extravagant. A top tip from us? Get your lamb from a quality butcher for a succulent outcome.


Broil chicken is up there with the likes of spaghetti bolognese and your mum’s #1 cake with regards to food that causes any place to feel like home. In this way, while all the other meaty dishes are regularly top of the psyche for the large Christmas meal, serving a classic enormous winged animal-like meal chicken is a powerful fine decision without a doubt.

Pork Belly

Pressed full of flavour and deliciously delicate, a slowly prepared meal is one of life’s simple pleasures. The long cooking time is justified, despite all the trouble, especially with regards to slow broiled destroyed pork with a fresh crackling. This family most loved is versatile and the cooked meat can be delighted in all alone or destroyed on sandwiches, pizzas or salads.

L&L Master Butchers delivers quality assurance to our customers, so that they can have unwavering confidence in our tender, flavoursome and fresh meat every time they shop. We source all our produce from local farms with the highest ethical standards across Victoria. We stick to grass fed, free range and hormone free livestock, as this is the healthiest option for both the customer and the environment.


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