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Meat and Deli Recommendations for Sandwich Enthusiasts

09 November 2020

The best practical meal in the nation? It’s a no brainer. A mere mention of suckling pig on a sandwich and people will form queues faster than a buttered bullet. As such, there are different meat and deli options that significantly improves the taste and nutritional content of your sandwich. Here are the meat and deli recommendations for sandwich enthusiasts.


One of the most popular meat recommendations for sandwich enthusiasts is ham. The most common part used is the premium sliced leg ham since it is more convenient to place between buns. Most of the ham you find at today’s delis has been wet cured, meaning it’s treated with a salt and sugar solution and then cooked. While this has made the final product very moist and juicy, it has also shortened its shelf life. For this reason, make sure you store it well in an airtight container and use it up within three days of purchase.

Another variety is the use of mixed ham. The roll is sliced open, then each hemisphere is coated in a smear of pate (a heavily guarded recipe) and mayo. Next, in goes the cold cuts. There are thin slices of white pork luncheon loaf, barbequed fatty pork belly, and terrine made with pork loin and pigs’ ears for extra crunch. Then, it’s a handful of house-pickled shredded carrots, batons of fresh cucumber, coriander springs, fresh chili, a squirt of soy sauce and salt and white pepper to finish.

Other combinations that use ham are: ham, seeded mustard, lettuce, tomato and tasty cheese on multigrain bread; ham, bacon, sandwich pickles, Gouda cheese and rocket on crunchy white bread; and ham, heirloom tomato and melted cheese on toasted sourdough bread


A much-loved cured sausage that ranges from mild to the blow-your-head-off hot varieties. For sandwiches, opt to have this thinly sliced at the deli to ensure it’s cut paper-thin. Although the word salami comes from the Italian sale (meaning salted), you can find these cured sausages throughout Europe. Made from pork, beef or veal, once sliced, salami should be used within a couple of days.

Another popular sandwich that uses salami is the continental roll. Continental roll is an Australian sandwich influenced by Italian cuisine. The sandwich consists of a crusty and chewy bread roll filled with cheese, Italian cold cuts (usually mixed meat – mortadella, salami, and coppa) and a variety of condiments.

Other great sandwich options with salami are salami, grilled vegetables, pesto, rocket and feta cheese on sliced cob bread; salami, Havarti cheese, marinated capsicum slices and finely sliced Spanish onion on sourdough bread; and salami, chargrilled capsicum, goats cheese and baby spinach on toasted bread.

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