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Maximise Your Budget and Shop Online for Meat Trays and Value Bundles at L&L Master Butchers

26 May 2021

A value bundle is a single package containing multiple items less expensive than separately bought items of the same kind. Take a look at the meat trays and value bundles you could get from L&L Master Butchers.

Isolation Packs

We are still in the middle of a pandemic. Shopping for food and necessary supplies must be within close proximity from your home, except if the nearest supermarket is further than 5km. Only one person per household can leave to go shopping per day. Exercise must take place within acceptable distance to your home, and must be in metropolitan Melbourne. Exercise is limited to one hour, once per day.

That is why we at L&L Butchers are trying to adapt to the situation handed down to us. We are here to provide you with high quality meat products and isolation packs online even during lockdown. Don’t let lockdown stop you from enjoying our fabulous produce.

Our “ISO PACKS” contains the following: one dozen Free Range Eggs; one pack of Otway Pasta; one Tray of 12 L&L Meatballs in Tomato Passata; one pack of Victoria’s Best Bacon (10 Rashers); one kilogram Premium Beef Mince; six thin beef sausages; six thin chicken sausages; one 2L Gippsland Jersey Milk; four chicken schnitzels; one roasting veggie pack; one loaf of bread (Bakers Delight); four Wagyu and Beetroot Hamburger Patties. This isolation packs are all delivered directly to your door for free.

Lane’s BBQ Wicked Wing Combo

Whether you choose an exotic, tangy fruit and spice sauce or a flavourful, full-bodied, smoked garlic, fennel and anise rub to enliven and enhance your favourite recipes, your new, sensational culinary creations will draw enthusiastic attention and praise from your family, friends and neighbors.

Try this wicked wing combo from Lane’s BBQ. Lane’s rub is the perfect rub for any heat seekers. The combination of spicy and flavor is guaranteed to have you smiling while you’re sweating. This hot, invigorating rub has a generous mix of hot pepper, garlic, basil, lemon, oil and additional spices to add spark and pizzazz to any and all chicken dishes. Whether you roast, broil, grill or fry fresh chicken, by marinating or rubbing chicken pieces or a whole chicken with this light yet highly flavourful formula, you will add another dimension of gourmet delight to every meal.

Weekender Pack

Remember those days when you could pack up the car and go for a picnic or a scenic outing? We do too and frankly we miss them. Why waste your time sulking and reminiscing these activities when you can relive them in the comfort of your home. Let’s bring back the weekend together people! Our “Weekender Packs” contain six lamb koftas, two chicken schnitzels, four wagyu burgers, one pack of Victoria’s best bacon, one housemade kabana and six thin beef sausages.


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