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Low and Slow Cooked Black Onyx Brisket: What Makes This So Delicious?

25 March 2019

When you select delicious Black Onyx Angus Brisket for your holiday or special family meals, everyone at your table will be delighted with this tender, juicy and richly flavourful prime cut of premium beef. Superb Black Onyx brisket is a breast cut of beef from Black Angus cattle that are raised on pure, free-range grasslands. For this reason, it has high degrees of marbling and is tender enough to fall off your fork when grilled, broiled, braised or roasted to perfection.

The fine network of marbling inside the muscle helps distribute the flavour and tender texture of the beef evenly, resulting in its full-bodied flavour. You can choose whole or portioned cuts of brisket, and the best butcheries offer both Point-End cut and Navel-Cut, or Flat-End. These top-tier cuts of pure Angus beef offer an enticing, nutty aroma during cooking and will make any meal an irresistible gourmet feast.

What Makes Low and Slow Cooked Black Onyx Brisket So Delicious and Irresistible?

Brisket enthusiasts agree that low and slow cooked Black Onyx Brisket is deliciously flavourful and irresistible for the following reasons:

• Navel End Cut. – The Navel End is larger in size and shaped more evenly than the Point End of Black Onyx Brisket, and one side of the Navel End cut has an exterior layer of fat. This makes it the ideal choice for oven-baking and for preparing a meal of slow cooker brisket with onions or smoked brisket garnished with braised vegetables or fresh greens with fruit. The Navel End of brisket slices smoothly and evenly for serving and maintains equalised tenderness throughout the cut after slow cooking. This cut of Black Onyx Brisket is an excellent choice for serving at large family gatherings or dinner parties.

• Point End. – The Point End cut of Black Onyx Angus Brisket has more marbling than the flat cut and a greater amount of connective tissue, which explains its irregular shape. The Point End is ideal when you are preparing brisket recipes that call for thin-slicing or shredding the beef. Even when sliced very thin, this brisket cut will retain its outstanding nutty aroma and rich, full flavour. It will also remain tender, whether served in small or large portions or combined in dishes with other foods. Although some home chefs think that a smaller cut of meat will become dry and loose its original texture more rapidly than larger cuts, this is never an issue when you prepare and serve the Point End cut of Black Onyx Brisket.

• Whole Brisket. – Although Whole Brisket is frequently a choice of professional chefs, preparing the entire brisket requires knowledge, skill and perfected techniques for cooking the Navel End and Point End at the same time. Unless you are barbequing brisket for a large group of guests, you will most likely only need a cut. If you do decide to purchase a Whole Brisket, you will make the meal preparation easier for yourself by asking your butcher to separate it into a Navel End and Point End. Needless to say, you and your guests will enjoy a fabulous feast of extremely tender, flavourful and juicy brisket from both cuts.

When you visit the friendly, experienced team at L&L Master Butchers located in Bentleigh, Victoria and serving all of Melbourne and surrounding areas, you can select the ultimate quality Black Onyx Brisket to prepare and serve at your next special dinner, barbeque or other gathering. Our expert butchers will also provide you with excellent advice for low and slow cooking of your delicious and delightful brisket feast.

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