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L&L Master Butcher’s Streaky Bacon: A Best Fit to Every Australian Breakfast Menu

19 August 2019

The best restaurants for enjoying a hearty, flavourful breakfast across Australia today always include generous servings of streaky bacon. This delicacy is considered a “best fit” for every authentic Australian breakfast selection. Although this popular type of bacon may be prepared in various ways, it is known to retain its high degrees of popularity among the public, regardless of how it is prepared and served.

Streaked with fat and cut directly from pork belly for smoking, this breakfast meat comes from a part of the pig with the greatest fat content. Its rich, smoky aroma and flavour can be relied upon to entice even finicky breakfast eaters to take time to indulge in this famous morning meal treat prepared to perfection for the complete enjoyment of one and all.

How Streaky Bacon Complements and Enhances Every Breakfast Menu Across Australia

As a hearty breakfast staple food, streaky bacon improves and complements every Australian breakfast menu in multiple ways, including the following:

• A Delicacy Fried to Perfection. There is a genuine art to frying streaky bacon to perfection. The best breakfast chefs know well that just a few seconds of over-frying this treat can render it dry, tough and difficult to chew. However, when whisked from the skillet in the nick of time, this full-bodied, well-marbled cut of smoked pork will mingle with eggs, potatoes, tomatoes or fruits and a variety of other breakfast food favourites for a totally delicious and satisfying meal.

• A Hearty Smoked and Salty Flavour. The richly smoked and salty flavour of this outstanding fatty bacon makes it an excellent, tasty food for contrasting with the milder flavours of fried, poached or scrambled eggs, pancakes or French toast. Another very popular use for this hearty bacon is in making the standard BLT (bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich). Youngsters often request this substitute for more traditional breakfast foods, and the best restaurants and chefs serving breakfast menus are always ready to prepare this simple favourite among the most satisfying of meals.

• The Ideal Combo of Crisp and Tender. The best breakfast chefs and cooks know how to preserve the perfect balance of crisp and tender when preparing meals including fried streaky bacon. Even when servings of this hearty smoked pork are not eaten by restaurant patrons right after serving, the bacon remains crispy with a tender quality that follows the first flavourful bite.

When you visit L&L Master Butchers located in Bentleigh, Victoria, and serving all of Melbourne and surrounding areas, you will be elated to see hearty streaky bacon as one of the popular butcher shop offerings. Our highly knowledgeable and experienced expert butchers can offer top quality advice on preparing your streaky bacon dishes to perfection to the great delight and culinary satisfaction of everyone at your breakfast table.

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