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L&L Butchers Features Exciting Handcrafted Meat Products

08 June 2018

Melbourne’s L&L Master Butchers features fabulous and innovative handcrafted meat products for your ultimate culinary enjoyment. Whether your palate’s passion is for savory Wagyu & Angus beef, spicy sausages, juicy taco burger patties, Saltbush lamb or another of this specialty butchery’s divinely delicious edible delights, you will find the very best right here.

Every well-trained and experienced butcher at this fine establishment knows how to cut and prepare gourmet delicacies with the ultimate quality cuts of artisan meats and chicken. Whether you are a long-time client or a new customer of this master butchery, you will be amazed at the wide array of artisan meats and handcrafted meat products available at this fine and ultra-friendly specialty meat store serving the Melbourne area.

The Marvelous Variety of L&L Butchers’ Original Handcrafted Meat Products

The irresistible selection of handcrafted meat products, made with original recipes and creative rubs and sauces include the following delicious treats:

• Pulled Lamb Pies with Caramelised Onion, Feta and Spinach. – This tender, flavourful lamb pie is made with artisan quality and cuts of finest young lamb meat. The enticing sweetness of the caramelised onion overlying the submerged tangy bite of the onion give volume and substance to the fresh, pleasing textures and tastes of the spinach and feta cheese. The full-bodied flavor of this unparalleled fine lamb dish will provide an unforgettable, subtly savory meal for you, your family and guests.

• Pulled Beef Pies with Red Wine, Sage and Garlic Mushrooms. – This spirited recipe of finest quality pulled beef accentuated with smooth red wine, slightly sharp sage and delicious garlic-enhanced mushrooms is not be missed. This robust combination of flavors and textures blends seamlessly into a completely satisfying feast that even the most finicky of eaters could not possibly resist.

• Garlic Chicken Kievs. – This fabulous chicken dish, though well-known and enjoyed throughout the world, has never been as outstanding and captivating as this unique recipe from L&L Master Butchers. The chicken fillets are unbelievably tender and sweet. Once you taste the fresh, delicate crispness of the batter coating the chicken, this incomparable poultry-based delicacy will become one of your all-time favorites. Whether the final step is frying or baking, you will delight in the fresh, full tastiness of this tantalizing treat.

When you visit our friendly and knowledgeable meat specialists at Melbourne’s L&L Master Butchers, you will obtain the ultimate expert cuts of supreme artisan meats and top-tier handcrafted meat products. In addition, you will return home with these gourmet delights plus all the finest advice you will ever need for preparing your own home-chef’s delights that simply cannot be surpassed in their fashionable flavour and allure.

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