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08 August 2019

In what could be deemed Australia’s tastiest competition, L & L Master Butchershave been named as producing some of the best bacon in Victoria, just in time for International Bacon Day on August 31.

L & L Master Butchers bacon was announced 1st in the 2019 Australian Pork Mark Bacon Awards in the Short Cut category.

Luke, Lee and the team from L & L Master Butchersproduced the bacon, made from 100% Australian pork, that stood out over hundreds of entries.

“Good quality bacon starts with the best Aussie free-range pork, our team then cures and prepares our artisan bacon using techniques passed down generations” says Luke Iles.

Australian Pork Limited General Manager of Marketing, Peter Haydon says the competition shines a light on small goods makers who are using 100% Australian pork to produce their bacon, which is great news for both producers and bacon-lovers.

“Bacon is an Aussie household staple but there’s a high chance the family favourite that shoppers are selecting isn’t made with local ingredients.

“Many people are surprised to learn that 80% of bacon sold in Australia is made using imported pork which may not be subject to the same quality, welfare and environmental standards as our production systems.

“If you want to support Australian pig farmers, look for the pink Australian Pork logo on pack. Otherwise check the bar chart on the Country of Origin label has a percentage of over 90% of Australian ingredients.”

The process behind naming these bacons as Victoria’sbest was hotly contested, not only by the entrants, but with a spot on the judging panel being a hot ticket.

All entries were judged in their raw and cooked form by a panel of four passionate bacon connoisseurs, Fleischmeister Horst Schurger, chefs Simon Bestley, Adam Moore and Paul McDonald.

Join in the celebrations on International Bacon Day on 31 August 2019 with recipe inspiration and more information on buying local at pork.com.au

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