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Kabana Sausages from L&L Master Butchers: What’s the Secret Behind the Delicious Flavour?

20 May 2019

Cabanossi is a variety of dry sausage that has similarities to mild salami and is made from beef and pork. In Victoria, Australia, this delicious sausage is known as Cabana or Kabana. It is lightly seasoned to the preferred degree and then smoked, and Kabana is commonly sold in long, thin-shaped sausages of 12 to 14 inches in length and approximately one inch in diameter. These popular sausages are usually cut into bite-sized slices to be eaten as a savoury cold appetiser or snack food, often served with cheese and crackers, flat-breads or slices of freshly baked whole-grain bread or rolls.

The expert, award-winning butchers of L&L Master Butchers serving all of Melbourne and surrounding regions will tell you that there is nothing more tasty and delicious than Kabana that is smokey-house made. These experts recommend and sell only the finest Kabana that is made from free range pork cuts with natural casings and without any fillers. Pork and jalapeño is the most famous and popular variety now available throughout Bentleigh and the entire Melbourne area, and if you have not already tried this truly delicious, down-to-earth delicacy, you will understand its immense popularity when you take the very first bite.

The Secret Behind the Unequaled, Delicious Flavour of Kabana Sausages

The secret behind the amazing and uniquely delicious flavour of Kabana sausages involves the following features and facts:

• Fine Quality Free-Range Pork. – Because fine quality free-range pork and beef are used to make Kabana sausages, the rich, full-bodied yet tender and juicy texture of the finished sausage is unequaled by other varieties of sausage. These qualities make Kabana a superior choice for use in many elite-style and rustic, home-style recipes of diverse types. Every home chef wants to use only the very best ingredients when creating favourite dishes and meals, and with use of Kabana sausage, new recipes and old standbys will be equally delicious and desirable.

• Expert Smoking. –
The expert smoking of Kabana sausage enhances it tenderness while giving it the deeply smoked, richly natural flavour and ambiance of a fragrant wood fire and a natural forest of freshly growing vegetation, combined. The smoking brings out the pure, free-range natural essence of the meat used to make this excellent sausage, sealing the flavour in to last until the last bite has been enjoyed.

• Well Chosen Seasonings. – When well-chosen natural herbs and spices are used to season Kabana sausages, their flavours and fragrances combine to produce the irresistible and distinctive aromas and tastes of these specialty delicacies. Kabana has the rare quality of gracing both grand and simple dishes and plates of food with definite style, rich flavour and unparalleled, savoury deliciousness. Many people favour pork Kabana sausage flavoured with jalapeño, but myriad herbs and spices such as red pepper, paprika, rosemary, thyme, garlic, oregano and even anise can be used to make unbelievably favourful types of Kabana.

By visiting the experts at Melbourne’s L&L Master Butchers located in Bentleigh, Victoria, you can purchase ultimate quality Kabana sausages to serve at your holiday meals, family gatherings or casual parties with friends and neighbours. Our expert, highly experienced butchers will ensure that you select the ideal flavours of this outstanding sausage delicacy to delight one and all of you family and guests.

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