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It’s Time to Stock Up on Rubs and Sauces to Complement Your Best Meals

23 March 2018

Today’s modern, innovative butchers are truly meat specialists who have knowledge and expertise in all areas of cutting, preparing, marinating and garnishing meat and poultry. Many are also well aware of the ideal rubs and sauces to use in meat, poultry, fish and even vegetable preparations to create highly appealing and delicious dishes or platters of sizzling meat and chicken samplings dressed with a variety of tropical, earthy or savory seasoned condiments. Whether you choose an exotic, tangy fruit and spice sauce or a flavourful, full-bodied, smoked garlic, fennel and anise rub to enliven and enhance your favorite recipes, your new, sensational culinary creations will draw enthusiastic attention and praise from your family, friends and neighbors.

Stock Up on Tasty Rubs and Sauces to Complement Your Favourite Culinary Creations

Without even slight hesitation or delay, take action today to stock up on your choice of savory rubs and sweet-spiced sauces to add culinary fashion and flair to your favorite dishes and new-found recipes. To start, try such attractive and enticing varieties as the following:

• Hot & Sassy Chicken Rub. – This hot, invigorating rub has a generous mix of hot pepper, garlic, basil, lemon, oil and additional spices to add spark and pizzazz to any and all chicken dishes. Whether you roast, broil, grill or fry fresh chicken, by marinating or rubbing chicken pieces or a whole chicken with this light yet highly flavourful formula, you will add another dimension of gourmet delight to every meal.

• Lazy-Chef BBQ Cider Maple Syrup Sauce.
– This sweet-tangy mixture of different tastes and textures is an excellent condiment, sauce or dip for ribs or any meat on the bone. It is also a delicious adornment for any cut of tender beef or pork as well as chicken and fresh salmon or shrimp. Your taste buds will be totally charmed by the playful and flavourful battle between the distinctively different qualities of cider and maple in combination with sea salt, ginger, apple and berries.

• Tropical Island All-Purpose Rub. – This delightful mix of melon, pineapple, bananas, berries, pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon and ground nuts adds a light, cool sensation to all cuts of meat as well as poultry, fish, French fries, corn and rice-based dishes. As it mixes and mingles with a wide combination of sweet or savory tastes, it lends a slightly different culinary colour and tonality to intrigue and enchant one and all.

When you contact or visit the Meat Specialists and Masters at L&L Butchers, located in Bentleigh, Victoria, and serving Melbourne and all surrounding regions, you will receive excellent advice and sales products for your ideal culinary rubs and sauces. It is truly no wonder that the members of this top quality team are known as Melbourne’s Master Butchers. They will provide top-tier advice, rubs, sauces, recipes and of course, the ultimate fine quality of beef, lamb, pork, smoked meats and sausages for the optimal new menus and tastings of your dreams.

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