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Important Tips to Remember When You Want a Perfect, Juicy Steak

27 July 2018

Nothing is more delectable than the perfect, juicy steak. As you cut into it, you should be able to see a small amount of its juices slowly seep out of it onto your plate. With each slice, you soak up the expelled juices to ensure a moist, flavourful experience. To help you have this incredible experience, we provide you with the following important tips on how to prepare the ideal, juicy steak each and every time you grill one.

Know Your Butcher

Develop a good relationship with your butcher. He or she can guide you to the best cuts of steaks for your budget and preferences. You even find out about special deals before others snatch them.

Choose the Right Cut

Select the right cut of meat. All cuts are not created equal. Ribeye steaks and NY Strips are at the top of the list for quality steaks. They differ from each other in texture and flavour, but both can be succulent and juicy. Also, only purchase steaks that are brightly coloured. They should not be deep red, brown or gray as all of these shades denote that they are old instead of fresh.

Salt 15 to 20 Minutes Prior to Grilling

To add flavour to and improve texture of your steaks, salt them a full 15 to 20 minutes before you grill them. It takes this long for the salt to dissolve in the steaks’ juices. When this occurs, the salt also helps to break down the steaks’ muscle fibres, which helps the steaks absorb the salt and juices mixture. Tenderisation is the end result.

Let Steak Come to Room Temperature Before Grilling It

Set the steaks out of the fridge for about 20 to 30 minutes prior to grilling to allow them to come to room temperature. This allows them to cook faster and retain more of their juices.

Cook Your Steak Correctly

You never should overcook steaks. Watch the steaks carefully as they cook to ensure that they do not go beyond the preference of rare, medium rare, medium, and medium well or well done. While well done is a preference for some, it is by far not the juiciest of the cooking stages. We prefer our steaks not beyond medium or medium well.

For further important tips to remember when you want a perfect, juicy steak, consult with L & L Master Butchers. We are experts at our trade and offer you the best in artisan homemade goods, artisan meat cuts and sausages along with various grilling supplies. Our prime objective is to deliver quality products each and every time you turn to us.

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