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How to Choose the Best Quality Pork Belly for Perfect Pork Crackling

15 January 2019

The most important steps to creating excellent crackling from pork belly are selecting the ideal cut of pork belly, starting with a dry rind and ensuring there is a thick layer of juicy fat beneath it. After choosing your pork belly cut with advice from your expert local butcher, if needed, the next step is proper scoring of the dry rind. For this step, you need to use a sharp blade, such as a Stanley knife, scoring in vertical lines that are spaced approximately the width of one finger apart.

This method of scoring the meat will let the heat permeate the fat. Then, as the fat bubbles up through the scored cuts, it will baste the rind during cooking. You should refrain from making too deep a cut when scoring so that you do not slice into the meat below, as this will allow the juice, which helps to tenderize the meat while cooking, to escape.

How to Select the Very Top Quality Pork Belly for Perfect Pork Crackling

You can successfully choose the ideal top quality pork belly for perfect pork crackling in the following ways:

• Discuss Your Cooking Plans with Your Butcher. – By telling your butcher your planned cooking method for preparing your pork crackling from premium pork belly, you will get the best results. Your expert butcher can then help you select the ideal pork belly cut for your cooking style. In addition, your butcher will most likely have some very helpful tips for scoring and cooking your cut of pork to make delicious crackling.

• Ask Your Butcher for Advice on Pork Belly Size. – Your experienced butcher can best advise you concerning how to estimate the size of pork belly roast to buy to feed the number of people you intend to serve your feast of delicious pork crackling. Your butcher will also be able to offer professional advice about the ideal cooking time required for roasting the weight of the pork belly you select to produce irresistible crackling for your family and guests.

• Choose Pork Belly On Your Own, if Experienced. – If you have prior experience with selecting the best pork belly cut for crackling, you can choose a cut of pork belly on your own. Be sure to select a cut that has a healthy pink colour. Refrain from buying pork belly that has a brown or grey hue. The best pork belly for you to select for crackling should be firm and have a white layer of fat.

When you consult the experts at L&L Master Butchers in Bentleigh, Victoria, you will receive friendly, excellent advice concerning selecting and preparing the very best pork belly cut for serving the ultimate, flavourful pork crackling. Our master butchers will guide you to choosing the ideal cut of pork to enable you to prepare and serve an irresistible meal centered around delicious crackling for the great enjoyment of your entire household and friends.

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