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Gluten-free Italian Salsiccia from L & L Butchers: A Perfect Option for Sausage Lovers

02 July 2019

Specialty gluten-free Italian Salsiccia sausage is made of fresh pork and bacon, tomatoes and cheese that are refined and seasoned with fennel and other aromatic Italian herbs and spices. Every regional locale and village in Italy has a unique recipe, which is highly praised throughout the area as the very finest. Sausage making in Italy is an art form, and Salsiccian sausages are recognised around the world for their excellent flavours, textures and juiciness when grilled to perfection.

This type of sausage is delicious when roasted, sautéed, steamed or grilled, although many sausage experts favour grilling above all other means of preparation. Gluten-free Salsiccia is ideal for outdoor grilling on warm evenings in springtime, balmy summer nights or cool-edged afternoons during early autumn. Its irresistible aroma and full-bodied, herb-enhanced flavour make an enticing, completely satisfying main dish for casual backyard barbecues or large family dinners on special holidays. You can always count on fine, premium-quality gluten-free Salsiccia sausage from L&L Butchers to greatly enhance any and all simple or gourmet meals and occasions enjoyed with family, neighbors and friends.

Italian Salsiccia as the Ideal Option for True Sausage Lovers

Top-quality, gluten-free Italian Salsiccia sausage is the ultimate fine option for all true sausage lovers around the globe. When planning to prepare your excellent Salsiccia recipes, consider the following advice from fine sausage barbecuing experts:

• Grilling Salsiccia. – First, preheat your gas or electric grill for three or four minutes or heat your charcoal or wood-fueled grill until the coals or smoldering wood pieces are red-hot. Place the sausage on your grill and continue grilling while turning them periodically for even and light browning. When the sausages attain a golden brown colour, they will also have a finely roasted aroma accented by their contents of fennel and other herbs.

• Grilling Tips. – Take note of the length of time required for the tops of your sausages to turn golden brown after placing them on the grill, which is usually from 20 to 30 minutes. Next, turn your sausages 90 degrees and grill for the same period of time. Turn them two more times (a total of four quarter-turns) to achieve an even golden-brown hue.

• Adding More Fennel and Vegetables.
– Try adding sliced vegetables and more fennel to your grill while the last quarter of your sausages are grilling. The veggies will absorb some of the irresistible flavour and aroma of your fine Salsiccia, and when served together, the combination will be an unequalled gourmet delight.

When you obtain your gourmet Italian Salsiccia from L&L Master Butchers located in Bentleigh, Victoria and serving all of Melbourne and surrounding areas, you and everyone at your table will enjoy the pure, irresistible, simple yet sophisticated flavours, textures and aromas of this finest gluten-free sausage. Our expert butchers will assist you in selecting the ideal amounts of premium Salsiccia to make your next dinner the gourmet delight of your dreams.

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