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Free Range Turkey for Christmas: The Best Addition to Your Dinner Table

13 December 2018

When you select your free-range turkey for Christmas dinner at L&L Master Butchers, you will be making the ideal choice for the best possible addition to your dinner table. You, your family and guests will enjoy a healthy and delicious meal with this natural, prize turkey at its center. All the special holiday dishes and condiments that you have gathered and prepared will be enhanced and complemented by your flavourful, juicy, natural turkey free of any artificial additives or preservatives.

Everyone can relax and enjoy all components of the excellent feast you have served, knowing that they are eating a hearty, healthy, highly nutritional and elegant dinner, compliments of L&L Master Butchers, the providers of the starring element of this festive holiday feast, your fabulous, free-range turkey.

A Delicious Free-Range Turkey as the Best Possible Addition to Your Christmas Dinner

By choosing an unequaled free-range turkey for the main element of your Christmas dinner this season, you will be serving your family and friends the most healthy and delicious, savory meal imaginable. Your tender, tasty and healthful entrée will be your very best selection for the following reasons:

  • Organic Pastures and Open-Air Barns – All the free-range turkeys provided by the expert team at L&L Butchers were raised in open-air barns with daylight hours spent ranging freely in lush, healthy pastures of organic grains and grasses. These pastures are cultivated with the use of all-natural and organic fertilizers to ensure the excellent health of the turkeys as they grow to maturity. Barns are cleaned with green cleaning agents, free of any artificial or harsh chemicals.
  • Balanced Diet of Natural and Organic Grains and Legumes – All the organic and natural cereal grains and legumes that are fed to these free-range turkeys are grown without the use of any artificial fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. Because of their healthful, highly nutritional and safe diets, these free-range turkeys have low-fat content, and the turkey meat is supple and filled with delicious, juicy flavour.
  • Hormone-Free and Without Genetic Modification – All these free-range turkeys are raised on hormone-free diets and without the use of genetic modification practices. For this reason, they offer a completely healthy, safe, savory and enjoyable option to highlight and enhance every aspect of your Christmas holiday dinner for family and friends this year.

When you visit L&L Master Butchers this month, located inBentleigh, Victoria and serving all of Melbourne and surrounding areas, you will be offered a healthy and amazingly delicious free-range turkey as the starring principal element of your fabulous Christmas holiday feast for family and friends this season.

Our award-winning, expert butchers will help you select the ideal size and weight turkey to serve to your entire household with irresistible left-overs for the days following Christmas. Visit our well-known and popular butchery today to choose your healthy holiday turkey.

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