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Find High Quality Meat Products and Isolation Packs Online Even During Lockdown

14 August 2020

At present, stage four restrictions have been in effect across metropolitan Melbourne since Sunday and is set to last for six weeks.  The restrictions have been brought in to get community transmission – cases where the source of the transmission cannot be determined – under control. Additional restrictions on businesses were announced on Monday 3 August, and most of them started from 12.01 Thursday 6 August.

Shopping for food and necessary supplies must be within 5km distance from your home, except if the nearest supermarket is further than 5km. Only one person per household can leave to go shopping per day. Exercise must take place within 5km of home, and must be in metropolitan Melbourne. Exercise is limited to one hour, once per day.

That is why we at L&L Butchers are trying to adapt to the situation handed down to us. We are here to provide you with high quality meat products and isolation packs online even during lockdown. Don’t let lockdown stop you from enjoying our fabulous produce.

L&L Butchers Isolation Packs

Our “ISO PACKS” contains the following: one dozen Free Range Eggs; one pack of Otway Pasta; one Tray of 12 L&L Meatballs in Tomato Passata; one pack of Victoria’s Best Bacon (10 Rashers); one kilogram Premium Beef Mince; six thin beef sausages; six thin chicken sausages; one 2L Gippsland Jersey Milk; four chicken schnitzels; one roasting veggie pack; one loaf of bread (Bakers Delight); four Wagyu and Beetroot Hamburger Patties. This isolation packs are all delivered directly to your door for free.

L&L Butchers Delivery Schedule

We at L&L Butchers have also adjusted our delivery schedule for each day. We only offer deliveries during Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Monday deliveries run to the following post codes: 3111, 3109, 3108, 3106, 3107, 3105, 3084, 3081, 3072, 3071, 3070, 3078, 3079.

Meanwhile, Wednesday  deliveries run to the following postcodes: 3910, 3199, 3200, 3197, 3911, 3930, 3198, 3201.

Lastly, Thursday  deliveries runs with the following post codes: 3803, 3976, 3975, 3199, 3177, 3802, 3805, 3804, 3178, 3153, 3156, 3132, 3133, 3152, 3179, 3180, 3155, 3135.

These zones are subjected to a $15 delivery fee for under $120 spent and free delivery for over $120 spent.

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