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Excellence in Meat Quality of Grass Fed Beef

12 July 2018

When you purchase premium quality meats from grass fed beef sold by top caliber butchers, you will receive the benefits of dining on tender, juicy and richly flavourful meat. These artisan cuts of beef are aged to perfection and cut to meet the top butchery standards for sale to consumers for preparing gourmet quality meals for excellent dining.

By buying your delicious, tender cuts of beef from these masterful butchers, you can be assured that all your meat recipes will be of excellent quality. This outstanding grass fed beef will take the place of all of your favourite beef cuts and meals. Once you taste this finest grade of pure beef, its unparalleled tenderness and taste will surpass all your previous favourites to become your star beef cut for all your meat preparation endeavors.

Excellent Qualities of Grass Fed Beef for Cooking

When you choose grass fed beef for use in preparing your beef recipes for family or friends, you will receive many fine compliments on your cooking for the following reasons:

• Grass Fed Beef is Amazingly Tender. – When you prepare your meat dishes using grass fed beef of highest quality from your premium expert butchers, you and your family members and guests will experience a fine dinner with beef of amazing degrees of tenderness. The old saying of a food “melting in your mouth” will certainly apply to this delicious beef preparation. Everyone at your table will request second or third helpings, and you will receive endless compliments about this magnificent gourmet treat.

• Beef Cuts from Grass Fed Cattle Have Rich Flavour. – Grass fed beef produces beef recipes with outstanding rich flavour. This beef can actually be fully prepared and served without seasoning of any kind, if you prefer. Its tenderness and strongly enriched flavour will prevent the need or desire to add seasonings, and this premium meat can be used for preparation of any and all of your favourite beef dishes. You will want to stay home and cook fragrant, savory, highly appetizing meals rather than going out to dinner in your best quality local restaurants now that you have sampled this pure, artisan cut of beef.

• Grass Fed Beef Has Pleasing Texture and Colour. – Beef from cattle that were fed solely on natural grass has a very attractive texture and colour that will please and enchant your table guests for this delightful, flavourful meal. The rich, deep red tinges of the cooked beef along with the well-defined, appetising texture will entice and capture the approval of your family and friends. They will request many future meals with menus that include this exquisite cut of the finest, pure artisan beef.

By consulting our expert butchers at L&L Master Butchers, you will receive top level information and advice about selecting and preparing the finest quality, excellent cuts of premium grass fed beef currently available. You will learn new roasting and broiling or grilling methods for preparing your favourite beef dishes. In addition, you will acquire new and exciting recipes for beef preparation and learn to determine finest caliber beef cuts whenever you shop for grass fed beef. Visit our famous butchery today and start enjoying the ultimate in top-tier cuts of beef for preparation of all your highly desirable meat recipes and meals.

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