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Enjoy One of the Craft Wines We Have in Store: Best Matched with Your Favorite Slice of Meat

31 May 2018

There is nothing better to satisfy your appetite and palate than a delicious, tender and juicy steak or slice of meat paired with a rich, full-bodied glass of wine. When your favorite butcher shop features superbly crafted wines to enjoy with their top quality cuts of meats, you are sure to be in for a truly excellent, flavorful treat. Rather than sampling different wines in an attempt to identify the best suited brand, type and year to enjoy with your specialized meats, you can relax and rejoice in the culinary delights of a top-tier cut of meat with an equally fine glass of wine selected by experts.

Melbourne’s L & L Master Butchers are very talented and versatile in terms of their knowledge and expertise. Not only will they give you superior advice concerning the top quality cuts of meats, but they can also advise you about the ideal wines to pair with your favorite meat dishes. This is certainly a special bonus when you receive top-tier guidance for both major elements of a gourmet meal and delightful experience.

Finely Crafted Wines Matched with Your Favorite Slice of Meat

• Tender Sirloin Steak with Blazing Phoenix (Red) Shiraz Wine. – This irresistible pairing of premier meat and excellent wine is fit for any occasion, planned or not. The savory, thick beef is enhanced and complemented by this full-bodied, robust wine from dark, rich grapes. This meal will be a treat to be long relished and remembered.

• Sliced Roasted Veal with Stone Sweller Fowles Wine. – A glass of this mellow, but flavourful wine with a delicious and tender slice of roasted veal is a meal to relax and linger over, enjoying every sip and bite. The wine enhances the rich taste of the veal while lending its smooth blend of earthy nuances to vitalize your culinary experience.

• Lamb Chops with a Glass of “Ladies Who Shoot Their Lunch” from Shiraz. – This delightful serving of lamb paired with this amusingly titled wine create a lighthearted and outstanding culinary adventure that you will thoroughly enjoy. All humour aside, this is one fabulous meal.

Visit Melbourne’s L & L Master Butchers today and enjoy one of the Craft Wines they keep in stock and masterfully partner with your choice of favorite superior meats. When you go, take your spouse, partner or best friend with you to share in this amazing food and wine treat. This is one food and wine tasting and enjoying experience you want to be sure to treat yourself too. Do not delay. Visit L & L Master Butchers today.

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