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Comfort your Palate with Delicious Stews and Roasts Made from Quality Artisan Meat Cuts

29 March 2018

When you want to prepare savory stews and tender roasts, you need to buy top quality artisan meat cuts from a fine caliber, experienced butcher. Only by choosing to cook with superior grade meats will you be able to fix the ultimate delicious meals of your choice. No amount of marinating or other method of attempting to tenderize a low grade of beef, lamb or pork will turn a tough, coarse cut of meat into a premier quality dish or serving.

In order to prepare a top-tier meat recipe for your excellent meal, you must start with a premium cut from a professional, knowledgeable butcher. If you are not sure what cut of meat to purchase in order to produce the highly desirable culinary treat you envision, be sure to ask your reliable butcher for advice. Your premier meat specialist is the best person to consult to ensure that you select the ideal type and cut of meat for the specific meat recipe or roast that you want to prepare.

Please Your Palate with Outstanding Meat Entrées Prepared with Quality Artisan Meats

You will comfort and delight your palate when you use fine quality artisan meat cuts to prepare tender and savory stews and roasts. When roasts, steaks and stews are made from premium cuts of high-caliber grade meats, they will be delicious, melting in your mouth for a wonderful meal and culinary experience. Excellent meat dishes that truly are unbeatable when prepared with optimal quality meats include the following:

• Lamb Chops with Fresh Mint Garnish. – This lamb entrée is a favorite meal for holidays or any day. Lamb chops of artisan quality cut can only be tender when broiled or grilled to the desired extent. Although you want to avoid serving chops that are too well-done, lamb is flavourful and juicy when served rare, well-done, and at all stages in between. The fresh mint sprigs as garnish add the uniquely mixed sweet and bitter tastes of garden-grown mint to complement the mellow, full flavour of the lamb.

• Veal Stew with Garden Vegetables. – Tender, lightly spicy veal stew with plenty of garden fresh vegetables is a very satisfying meal at any time. The soft, fresh, tender veal is an ideal match for the slightly crisp, newly-harvested substance and flavour of potatoes, carrots, onions, tomatoes, broccoli, peppers, garlic, saffron and anise seed.

• Beef Sirloin Steaks with Mushroom, Onion and Rosemary Sauce. – Tender, juicy beef sirloin steaks of artisan caliber are a marvelous meal unto themselves. Especially when brushed with a steaming, fragrant sauce of roasted mushroom, onion and rosemary, these delicious steaks will surely comfort and entice your palate as you make room for a second generous serving.

When you buy your choice of fine artisan meat cuts from L&L Master Butchers, serving Melbourne and all surrounding regions, you will benefit from ultimate quality purchasing and preparation advice for your favorite recipes. These professional meat cutting and preparing experts will help to ensure your full enjoyment of each bite of their premium artisan cuts today. Whether you are preparing a delicious family meal or entertaining friends with exotic culinary specialties, these friendly, helpful, top-tier butchers will guide you to heights of excellence as a superior home chef and connoisseur of artisan meat cuts expertly prepared and served.

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