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Your Ultimate Guide to Different Lamb Cuts from L&L Master Butchers

04 June 2019

With more than 40 combined years of experience in the butchery profession, Luke and Lee of L&L Master Butchers along with their expert staff offer the ultimate quality of free range, premium artisan meat cuts. With these supreme cuts of meat and the expert advice of these award-winning butchers, you will be prepared to create and serve a genuine gourmet feast for your delighted family members, neighbours, and friends. Celebrated specialties of this top-tier team of butchers are the different superior quality lamb cuts that they offer to their customers. Nowhere else will you find such high caliber, free range, […]

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Kabana Sausages from L&L Master Butchers: What’s the Secret Behind the Delicious Flavour?

20 May 2019

Cabanossi is a variety of dry sausage that has similarities to mild salami and is made from beef and pork. In Victoria, Australia, this delicious sausage is known as Cabana or Kabana. It is lightly seasoned to the preferred degree and then smoked, and Kabana is commonly sold in long, thin-shaped sausages of 12 to 14 inches in length and approximately one inch in diameter. These popular sausages are usually cut into bite-sized slices to be eaten as a savoury cold appetiser or snack food, often served with cheese and crackers, flat-breads or slices of freshly baked whole-grain bread or […]

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Best Aussie Recipes that You Can Do for Saltbush Lamb Cutlets

06 May 2019

Saltbush lamb cutlets are a true delicacy when prepared expertly to enhance their tender, juicy and flavourful qualities. Especially when lambs are raised as free-range animals, grazing on pure, fresh grasslands, the resulting cuts of meat are exceptionally fragrant and delicious. Lamb cutlets can be prepared using many different favourite Aussie recipes for a delightful, memorable family dinner or holiday meal. Since lamb pairs well with many different vegetables, fruits, seasonings and condiments, you can also experiment and create special recipes of your own to be enjoyed by family and friends. Delicious Aussie Recipes that You can Prepare with Saltbush […]

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Standing Beef Rib Roast: A Knockout Dish for Entertaining Guests

23 April 2019

A fragrant and flavourful standing beef rib roast is a sure knockout dish for entertaining holiday guests during any season of the year. It is also a favourite entrĂ©e for weekend gatherings of family and friends. This meal is frequently requested at elegant resorts and casual sports clubs, and many restaurants list it as the most popular entry on their dinner menus. Easy to embellish with fruit and herbal garnishes, this outstanding rib roast is often served with roasted potatoes, carrots and onions along with a fresh vegetable or fruit and nut salad. Why Standing Beef Rib Roast is a […]

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Butterflying Lamb Legs: Why Precision Matters

08 April 2019

A butterflied leg of lamb has been boned, sliced open and flattened to make a roast. When the process is done expertly by professional butchers or chefs, they may use a combination of knives, including a short, curved knife with a stiff blade and a highly curved Tojiro knife. The purpose is to form a roast with uniform thickness all around. Butterflying also increases the meat’s surface area, enabling you to add herbs, spices, flavouring and sauces more generously during preparation. Especially if you plan to marinate your butterflied lamb legs, making extra slashes in the meat will make marinating […]

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