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Six Most Common Methods in Checking the Freshness and Quality of Meat Ordered Online

06 August 2021

Meat is a rich wellspring of proteins. Aside from proteins, it additionally contains a plentiful measure of Vitamin B-complex (Vitamin B1 to B12), Vitamin C, iron, calcium, phosphorous and Omega 3 unsaturated fats that are needed to maintain the nourishment balance in our body. It is significant, nonetheless, to pick the right kind of meat in request to profit from all its sustenance benefits. Here are six most common methods in checking the freshness and quality of meat ordered online. Check The Colour The colour of the meat says a great deal regarding its freshness. Poultry meat should be white […]

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Why Do You Need to Purchase Hormone and Chemical-Free Meat Products for the Best Home-Cooked Meals?

27 July 2021

When you use ready stocks for slow cooking your favourite dishes and meals without chemical additives and hormone free, you will create healthy, nutritional foods and recipes that everyone in your household will enjoy. Whether you are serving daily family meals, a holiday dinner for relatives and friends or a neighbourhood yard party for everyone nearby, these delicious, flavourful stocks will lend robust body or subtle enrichment to any entrée, stew or simmered vegetable, fish or artisan meats dish you may prepare. Especially since today’s creative arrays of ready-made stocks are available as poultry, meats, vegetable and/or herbal stocks, the […]

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What Makes Habbies Howe Beef from L&L Butchers the Ideal Source for the Best Beef Cuts?

08 July 2021

L&L Butchers takes pride in sourcing all  produce from local farms with the highest ethical standards across Victoria. We stick to grass fed, free range and hormone free livestock, as this is the healthiest option for both the customer and the environment. With over 40 years of combined experience, co-owners Luke and Lee have built relationships with suppliers across Victoria, ensuring that our ethical butchering practices are upheld throughout the entire chain. What Makes Habbies Howe Beef from L&L Butchers the Ideal Source for the Best Beef Cuts?  L&L Butchers source their beef cuts from Habbies Howe. Situated at the […]

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The Importance of Online Delivery and Zip Code Scheduling for Fresh and Frozen Meat

25 June 2021

Quality is the priority in selecting ingredients for a home-cooked meal. Nothing screams love and affection than providing the best of the best for the people you will be serving a hearty meal with. However, quality often comes with a price. Lucky for you, L&L Master Butchers offers high quality meats that you can order online. L&L Master Butchers have their online store. Featuring contact-free, COVID-Safe delivery, L&L Master Butchers are allowing you to do your shopping from home. This keeps not only you and the community safe, but also saves you time. L&L Master Butchers have made their name […]

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Tips on How to Store Your Freshly Bought Meat in the Refrigerator

07 June 2021

In all cultures around the globe, wasting food is never an option. These simple, master supported stunts will keep you from an exorbitant (or risky) meat storage accident. Food storage mix-ups can have significant consequences. In the worst case scenario, you or a friend or family member could wind up with a bacterial infection or instance of food contamination. Another scenario could end up in you wasting valuable ingredients—and boatloads of money spent—superfluously. Fortunately, we have more control than we give ourselves kudos for with regards to preventing these issues. While we, as a whole, mean well with regards to […]

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