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Butterflying Lamb Legs: Why Precision Matters

08 April 2019

A butterflied leg of lamb has been boned, sliced open and flattened to make a roast. When the process is done expertly by professional butchers or chefs, they may use a combination of knives, including a short, curved knife with a stiff blade and a highly curved Tojiro knife. The purpose is to form a roast with uniform thickness all around. Butterflying also increases the meat’s surface area, enabling you to add herbs, spices, flavouring and sauces more generously during preparation.

Especially if you plan to marinate your butterflied lamb legs, making extra slashes in the meat will make marinating your lamb roast easier. Many home chefs like to use fresh herbs, lemon, garlic and olive oil or flavourings from North Africa such s ras el hanout or harissa for excellent seasoning.

Why Precision Matters When Butterflying Lamb Legs

Precision is important when you butterfly lamb legs for the following reasons:

• Equalising Lamb Meat Thickness. – When butterflying lamb legs, if you make precision cuts, evenly spaced, in a leg of lamb, this will help ensure that your roast will have uniform thickness all around, rather than a large upper part that tapers to a smaller end. When the meat forms an evenly proportioned roast, it will roast, grill or broil evenly as well. All areas of the roast will cook to equal perfection, and you will never be left with dried areas of lamb that become tough to eat.

• Creating More Meat Surface.
– When you butterfly a lamb leg with expertise, the resulting roast offers greater surface meat to slash slightly for marinating and adding seasonings and sauces. Larger roasts also retain juices better than smaller cuts of meat, and this will enhance the cooking results of your lamb roast. With additional surface areas, your roast will also brown to perfection on the outside, helping to keep the delicious juices from the sizzling meat inside the roast until serving time.

• Maximising Lamb Tenderness and Flavour. – Butterflying your leg of lamb will also increase the meat’s tenderness and lasting flavour. While some lamb cuts may be tender and tasty when they first emerge from the oven, grill or broiler, their surfaces can begin to dry and harden or toughen somewhat within a very short time. However, when a butterflied roast has finished cooking, it will retain high degrees of tender, juicy texture and flavour throughout your meal or special event and even when served later as a left-over treat.

When you visit the experts at L&L Master Butchers located in Bentleigh, Victoria and serving all of Melbourne and surrounding regions, you can select top caliber, artisan leg of lamb for butterflying at home to prepare your fabulous dinner of lamb roast. Our highly experienced, professional butchers will ensure that you choose the ideal lamb leg to prepare and serve the most flavourful, tender and juicy lamb that your dinner guests have ever enjoyed anywhere.

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