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Best Beef Cuts That You Must Not Forget to Try

17 August 2018

Your expert local butchers can advise you concerning the finest quality beef cuts that you really must not forget to sample. Once you try them, you will come back to your favorite butchery for more of these fabulous, top-quality cuts of refined, delicious beef.

Sometimes busy people find themselves preparing the same cuts of meats regularly. These particular cuts have become familiar, and it may not occur to these meat shoppers with hectic work, school and home-life schedules to inquire at the local butcher shop about other outstanding cuts of beef to try.

Top-Tier Beef Cuts That You Must Not Allow Yourself to Neglect Trying

Some top-rated cuts of beef that you simply must not let yourself forget to try include the following optimal quality cuts:

• Filet Mignon. – This excellent cut of beef is from the smaller end of the tenderloin, and its top caliber taste, texture and tenderness make it a highly desirable cut of beef. Its thick, juicy consistency and rich flavour make it the central focus of many restaurant menus, regardless of the other entrées featured. This ultimate quality cut of beef has been featured and described in stories, books, articles and films throughout modern history. A fabulous meal unto itself, this delicious beef entrée is ever-increasing in popularity and enjoyment.

• Sirloin Steak. – This type of beef steak is cut from the back part of steers of heifers. It is tender and flavourful, and sirloin steak is one of the most frequently ordered cuts of beef in many restaurants and fine eateries. Its full-bodied flavour and distinctive, tender texture make it highly desirable and compatible with meals composed of a wide variety of foods. Although larger in general plate size than a filet mignon, the sirloin steak is not as thick.

• Ribeye Steak. – This type of steak is from the rib section of premium beef cattle. It is ideal for grilling. This flavourful and moist cut of beef will melt in your mouth as you enjoy its mellow, delicious taste. This steak pairs well with many different foods, blending its flavour with many other savory food types. Many grilling enthusiasts delight in grilling this outstanding cut of fine quality, superior beef. Whenever you wish to celebrate an occasion with a meal prepared on your outdoor grill, choose ribeye steaks as your entrée, and your guests will praise and thank you heartily.

When you seek the professional advice of the beef experts at L&L Master Butchers serving Melbourne and all surrounding areas, you will benefit from their expertise concerning the top-rated cuts of beef obtainable today. Our knowledgeable, experienced butchers will also give you helpful advice about ideal foods to include on the menu with your outstanding choices of the ultimate quality cuts of beef that you simply must not forget to sample and enjoy.


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