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Best Aussie Recipes that You Can Do for Saltbush Lamb Cutlets

06 May 2019

Saltbush lamb cutlets are a true delicacy when prepared expertly to enhance their tender, juicy and flavourful qualities. Especially when lambs are raised as free-range animals, grazing on pure, fresh grasslands, the resulting cuts of meat are exceptionally fragrant and delicious. Lamb cutlets can be prepared using many different favourite Aussie recipes for a delightful, memorable family dinner or holiday meal. Since lamb pairs well with many different vegetables, fruits, seasonings and condiments, you can also experiment and create special recipes of your own to be enjoyed by family and friends.

Delicious Aussie Recipes that You can Prepare with Saltbush Lamb Cutlets

Outstanding, irresistible saltbush lamb recipes that you can prepare and serve for special occasions, holiday gatherings or regular family weekend meals include the following Aussie favourites:

• Saltbush Lamb Cutlets and Compressed Melon. – After preheating your oven to 160 degrees C, place your saltbush lamb, onions, garlic, stock, and lemon in a deep roasting pan with a thick base. Add rosemary and basil leaf or other spices of your choice and roast until the lamb is tender. Add raisins, pine nuts, more lemon and coriander, and keep all ingredients warm.

Next, cut pastry into strips with a width of 1.5 cm. each, brushing the strips with egg yolk and wrapping them around metal egg rings. Heat the pastry in a frying pan with olive oil and shallow-fry until golden, then drain and cool the pastry strips. Then heat carrots over low heat until tender and puree them. Add cream, boil and then blend the puree to a smooth consistency. Next, peel the melon and remove seeds. Cut the melon into rectangles and serve with your delicious lamb dish, pastry rings and carrot puree.

• Saltbush and Wattleseed Lamb.  – Start with roasted, ground wattleseeds, olive oil, salt and pepper to taste and four French trimmed saltbush lamb cutlets. First, combine the wattleseeds, salt, pepper and olive oil as a rub for the lamb and massage it into the meat. Cover the lamb and marinate in the refrigerator for two hours. Then heat your teppanyaki or BBQ grill and grill the saltbush lamb until pink in the center and serve. Everyone at your table will delight in the subtle aromas and flavours of the native Aussie herbs combined with the full, rich taste of the tender and juicy lamb. Garnish each plate with roasted piccolo vine tomatoes brushed with olive oil and sea salt and add a serving of baked, crushed potatoes.

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