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Bacon and Taco Burgers: Try Our “Not Your Usual” Burger Gold Medal Masterpieces

16 October 2018

When you visit Melbourne’s L&L Master Butchers in Bentleigh, Victoria, you truly must try their Bacon and Taco Burgers. This large and delicious meal is one of this fine butchery’s “‘Not Your Usual'” Burger Gold Medal Masterpieces.” First of all, this amazing and irresistible super-burger is not only large, juicy and ready to be grilled to perfection, but it is also made of the excellent artisan ground beef that only this leading butcher shop offers to customers.

Of course, once you take your first bite of your gourmet burger, you will have to return to your favorite butcher shop right away for more. It seems no customer can sample this tender, flavourful and completely satisfying burger feast without revisiting the shop for another plentiful supply to enjoy with family and friends.

What Makes These L&L Butchers Specialty Burgers Gold Medal Masterpieces

These outstanding Bacon and Taco Burgers from L&L Butchers are celebrated Gold Medal Masterpieces for many reasons, including the following:

• Premium Beef and Bacon. – These special burgers are prepared with only the finest artisan beef, carefully aged and ground to retain its rich, juicy flavour and thick, tender texture. The bacon is thick with just the right amount of crispness to add delicious smoked flavour to your super-burger. Served right from the grill, sizzling and fresh, this amazing culinary delight is a one-of-a-kind, award-winning vision and meal.

• Tasty Taco Sauce. – Adorned with a generous serving of pleasingly spicy taco sauce, your gourmet burger will be beyond comparison with competing recipes. With all of its ingredients qualifying as optimal quality foods and seasonings, this glorious meal can only become more popular with everyone who takes a bite. Tasty, succulent beef, bacon and taco sauce blend seamlessly to create a burger you simply must not be without.

• Expert Treats from Award Winning Butchers. –  Be sure to visit these Master Butchers today at 452 Centre Road in Bentleigh to congratulate them on their outstanding award. They won GOLD medals at STATE LEVEL for their fabulous bacon and taco burgers, so now is the time to help them celebrate. It is also the perfect time for you to get a plentiful supply of these delicious burgers to sample and savor their amazing Gold Medal quality.

When you visit Melbourne’s L&L Master Butchers in Bentleigh, Victoria, you will be astonished by this great team’s wide selection of fresh, premium artisan meats as well as their outstanding and unique recipes. While shopping, you will be compelled to buy one of our amazing specialties, the irresistible Bacon and Taco Burger, a true masterpiece. Afterward, you will, without doubt, be back to request more to take home to family and friends to savor and enjoy as well. To sample this fabulous burger meal and treat, visit our friendly and highly accomplished team at L&L Master Butchers today.

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