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Award Winning Sausages from L&L Master Butchers

24 October 2018

The celebrated meats experts at L&L Master Butchers are well known for their top-tier premium cuts of artisan beef, lamb, pork and chicken as well as bacon and other smoked meat products. They are currently gaining more high acclaim for their award winning sausages. These innovative and highly skilled pros have now won GOLD in the state Australian Meat Industry Council (AMIC) Sausage King awards for their unequaled bacon & taco burgers.

These star butchers also claimed SILVER for their Bratwurst recipe. To reach this high level of accomplishment as master butchers, the members of this talented team have devoted many long hours of collaboration to discussion and refinement of their unique, irresistible recipes and meat products.

All sausages produced by L&L Master Butchers are smoked in-house by these modern meat specialists. You need only to read the names of their delicious and ever-popular sausages to realise just how creative and ingenious these fine meats experts are—Chicken and Chive (Gluten Free), Italian Salsiccia (GF), Bratwurst (GF), Plum and Cherry (GF), Beef, Roast Tomato and Caramelised Garlic, Lamb, Mint and Rosemary, Pork and Apple Cider (GF), and Pork with Smoked Fennel and Pear Puree.

Once you sample these fabulous and unique flavours, you will be convinced that you simply must keep a continuous supply of these fine quality, delicious sausages at home for the enjoyment of your entire household, friends and neighbors. This outstanding team of leading butchers is truly bringing the art and skill of butchery into the 21st century with highly flavourful fashion and flair.

What Makes the Award Winning Sausages from L&L Master Butchers So Innovative and Delicious

The highly acclaimed and award winning sausage recipes from Melbourne’s L&L Master Butchers are unique, creative and delicious for such reasons as the following:

• Premium Cuts of Artisan Meats. – This excellent team of butchers start with premium cuts of only the finest artisan meats for all their products. Because their specialised sausage recipes are made with the same quality meats as the cuts of meat that are sold every day to customers for serving as tender, juicy and savory entrées, every type of sausage is just as tender and delightfully flavourful.

• Grass Fed, Hormone Free Livestock. – L&L Butchers accepts only meat from livestock that is grass fed, free range and hormone free to ensure all customers of enjoying pure, healthy and vitalizing cuts of meat and sausages. All sausage products produced by this master butchery retain their plumpness, juiciness, tenderness and full flavour without any need for unhealthy additives. Only pure, safe ingredients are included in these enticing modern sausage recipes.

• Meats Aged and Smoked In-House. – All pure, fresh meats sold by this top quality butchery and the meats used to make their recipes are delivered to the butcher shop in carcass form to be dry aged in the cool room. This process embellishes the flavour and promotes the tenderness of each meat. Since this fine team of pro butchers perform all the smoking of meats in-house, they are able to create sausages with the exact degree of smoked flavour needed to produce their award-winning recipes.

When you visit our acclaimed team at L&L Master Butchers located at 452 Centre Road in Bentleigh, you will enjoy shopping and purchasing top quality premium cuts of artisan meats and superb sausages produced in-house from these fine butchers’ innovative recipes. Our well experienced meat specialists will answer all your questions and give you helpful advice about delicious food combinations to serve with their optimum quality sausages for unique and outstanding, delicious meals.

Contact our fine butchers and visit the store today to take home a sampling of their many varied sausage recipes to be savored and enjoyed by your entire household, neighbors and friends.


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