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Award-Winning Handcrafted Artisan Smallgoods and Charcuterie: Now Available for Online Orders!

12 October 2020

Charcuterie is a menu pillar, and now creative culinary experts are taking restored meats past the rudiments. In French, an individual who plans charcuterie is known as a charcutier, for the most part, deciphered as “pork butcher.” Charcuterie, from the French seat “substance” and cuit “cooked,” alludes to arranged meat items, for example, bacon, ham, etc., essentially from pork.

Around the globe, charcuterie started as a way to save meat before refrigeration. The craft of charcuterie created as an outflow of butchers utilising neighbourhood fixings, flavours, customs, conditions and tastes to make relieved and cooked meats special to their shop and culture. The resurgence of the charcuterie board on menus is following that equivalent development – yet like everything else nowadays, at a quickened pace.

Alongside the generally ongoing enthusiasm for entire creature butchering, the need to make menu things out of all aspects of the creature is a need for monetary manageability. Transforming bones, heads, tails, skin, fat, decorations and offal into tasty charcuterie is turning into a more normal specialty. Previously, menus included an assortment of salami, dry relieved hams and a determination of intriguing cheeses.

The advantages reach past the visitor experience. The new charcuterie sheets let administrators offer things that are prepared to serve now, to explore different avenues regarding provincial and strength varieties of meats and to adjust the choices on the board for benefit.

Below are award-winning handcrafted artisan smallgoods and charcuterie that are now available for online orders from L&L Butchers.

Ham Hocks and Salami

Ham Hocks make for the best flavour kick to all of your soups and stews, try them with split peas for the ultimate pea and ham soup.  an absolute staple in the colder months, you know you want to, go on, do it! Made using Free Range ‘St Bernards’ Pork. On the other hand, their mild hungarian salami, comes sliced. perfect for pizzas, cheese platters and even toasted sandwiches!

Leg Ham

Sliced Premium Leg Ham, Hand crafted by the team at L&L’s, slowly cooked and smoked overnight for an unbeatable texture and flavour.  Perfect for sandwiches or why not be adventurous and load it up on our chicken schnitzel for dinner. Made using Free Range ‘St Bernards’ Pork.

Premium Leg Ham, Hand crafted by the team at L&L’s, slowly cooked and smoked overnight for an unbeatable texture and flavour.  Get that Christmas feast feeling all year round with an L&L Ham! Great for those that like slicing it a little thicker.  A Perfect protein option on a hot summer’s night accompanied by a salad.  Made using Free Range ‘St Bernards’ Pork.

Short Cut Bacon

Victoria’s Best Bacon!! L&L Master Butchers were awarded 1st Place in Victoria in the ‘Australian Pork’ Bacon Awards for the year 2019/2020 and it’s not hard to see why.  Sizzle some rashers for your next big brekkie at home or can be used to add some pizzazz to pastas, caesar salads or that BLT you’ve been thinking of.  Made using Free Range ‘St Bernards’ Pork.


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