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Artisan Cut Wagyu Beef for Steak Lovers in Australia: Available at L&L Master Butchers

16 July 2019

Wagyu beef will virtually melt in your mouth due to its high degrees of tenderness and moisture from its highly marbled texture. This marbling is finely and densely distributed monounsaturated fat in the meat. When you grill, broil or roast an artisan cut of Wagyu beef, this marbling absorbs into the muscle tissues, resulting in delicious, flavourful beef with ultimate refined texture and rich taste.

The name of Wagyu literally translates as “Japanese beef” (“wa” meaning Japanese, and “gyu” meaning beef). The three most widely known strains of the Wagyu breed of beef cattle in Japan are Tajima from Hyogo Prefecture, Itozakura from Shimane Prefecture and Kedaka from Tottori Prefecture. Wagyu beef cattle are bred and raised in Australia, parts of the United States and some other locations today because of the high quality of beef that they produce.

L&L Butchers Offers Artisan Cut Wagyu Beef for Steak Lovers in Australia Today

The highly experienced team of butchers at L&L Master Butchers offers supreme artisan cut Wagyu beef to the delight of steak lovers in Australia today. The many advantages of selecting steaks from such fine artisan cuts of beef include the following attractive benefits:

• Superior Tenderness from Grass Feed. In Australia, Wagyu beef cattle graze free-range in natural grassland pastures. The pure, natural nutrients that they feed on as they develop contribute greatly to the strong marbling quality of the beef meat produced from these cattle. It also accounts for the resulting outstanding flavours, textures and tenderness of steaks and other cuts of Wagyu beef.

• Ultimate Flavour from Intra-Muscular Fat.
Another factor that strongly enhances the flavour of Wagyu beef is the fact that it has a high content of intra-muscular fat. This form of fat retains moisture and adds tenderness to any cut of Wagyu beef. It keeps beef cuts supple and soft until they are prepared and served for eating. You and others at your dinner table will be amazed at the full, robust flavours and tender textures of Wagyu beef steaks when compared with similar cuts from other types of beef.

• Nutritional Benefits of Wagyu Beef Cuts. Artisan steaks cut from Wagyu beef in Australia have a low level of cholesterol. They also contain such important nutritional components as omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. These versatile nutrients contribute strongly to the growth and maintenance of healthy cellular membranes in the body. They also improve heart health and often raise levels of HDL (good) cholesterol. They can also reduce your bodily counts of triglycerides while lowering blood pressure and limiting the development of plaque in arteries.

When you visit the Wagyu beef experts of L&L Master Butchers located in Bentleigh, Victoria, and serving all of Melbourne and surrounding areas, you will receive finest quality artisan cut beef steaks. Our fine, well-experienced butchers will assist you in selecting the ultimate calibre steaks from supreme quality Wagyu beef to make your next dinner the ultimate gourmet meal of your dreams.

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